Faculty Research Areas

Oral Health Sciences is concerned with the nature of the oral and craniofacial tissues and with the application of basic scientific knowledge to oral health and disease. The courses and research programs in the Graduate Program in Oral Health Sciences deal with the origin, growth and development, structure, and functions of oral tissues, as well as with the etiology and pathogenesis of oral diseases and malfunctions. By its nature, oral biology overlaps with both clinical dental sciences and basic medical sciences.

Research conducted by faculty in the UW Department of Oral Health Sciences and other basic science departments has direct ties with Dentistry and advances in dental research that keep the dental profession strong. In addition, the mouth is the entrance to the body and many aspects of systemic health are reflected in oral health. Our research contributes to our nation’s need for knowledge to develop better prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of oral diseases that affect us all, from infancy to old age.

Biology of Aging

Cancer Biology and Virology

Community, Public Health and Health Services Research

  • Donald Chi – Dentistry and public health, Medicaid dental program, dental care utilization for children with special health care needs, multi-level statistical modeling
  • Trilby Coolidge –  Decision-making, behavior change, and psychometrics
  • Joana Cunha-Cruz – Oral health epidemiology, social epidemiology, and evidence-based dental practice
  • David Grembowski – Design and performance of health care systems, prevention, and technology diffusion
  • Lisa Heaton – Access to dental care in adults with mental Illness and individuals who avoid dental care due to fear and other barriers
  • Philippe Hujoel – Nutrition with a focus on low carbohydrate diets, harmful effects of diagnostic radiation and evidence-based methodology and applications
  • Brian Leroux – Statistical methods for correlated data with applications to dental research and other fields
  • Lloyd Mancl – Statistical methods for dental research with an emphasis on longitudinal and correlated data and applied research on caries, temporomandibular disorders, and periodontal disease
  • Christy McKinney – Oral clefts, maternal nutrition, infant feeding, and global health
  • Norma Wells – Community issues in oral health

Dental Hygiene Training and Research

Microbe-Host Interactions and Immunology

Orofacial Development, Structure and Function


Pharmacology and Drug Metabolism

Salivary Gland Biology and Salivary Diagnostics

  • Richard Presland – Molecular aspects of epithelial differentiation
  • Paul Yager – Salivary diagnostics based on microfluidics
  • Jing Zhang – Molecular biomarkers for Parkinson’s disease

Stem Cell Biology, Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering