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UW School of Dentistry


Integrity at Work Handbook (PDF)

Contact Information

If you have questions about the Compliance Program or need more information about your rights or responsibilities, please contact the Compliance Director at:

206.543.5331 or

Health care practice is a highly regulated industry with complex laws and guidelines. As a public agency, we must be accountable to the public we serve. To ensure our decisions meet legal and ethical requirements, each one of us is responsible for understanding and fulfilling compliance expectations.

Because of our commitment to follow federal and state laws and to uphold professional standards, we have developed a Compliance Program. The UW School of Dentistry’s Compliance Program supports the School by seeking to prevent, detect and resolve events and situations that threaten our compliance standards.

We are currently implementing our Compliance Program. Our Integrity at Work handbook contains important information regarding applicable laws, regulations and policies governing our business practices. This handbook is provided to all faculty, staff and students and is accessible from this website. Our website also includes links to policies, procedures and resources.

Core elements of our School’s Compliance Program include:

  • Commitment and support from executive leaders
  • Policies, procedures and expectations
  • Education
  • Monitoring and auditing
  • Timely and appropriate responses to compliance issues and concerns
  • On-going assessment, analysis and response to emerging risks and regulatory developments
  • Mechanisms (including hotlines) which invite and enable the safe reporting of compliance concerns
  • Implementation of appropriate sanctions and corrective actions to address noncompliance when it occurs
  • Regular evaluations of program effectiveness