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Paul Nghiem, MD, PhD

Paul Nghiem

Associate Professor, Division of Dermatology
Adjunct Associate Professor, Oral Health Sciences
Adjunct Associate Professor, Department of Pathology


Office: 815 Mercer Street
Box: 358050

Research Interests

Skin cancer biology, particularly the molecular mechanism by which the protein kinase ATR mediates an essential cell cycle arrest following DNA damage such as by ultraviolet radiation.

A major portion of the lab is focused on basic, clinical and translational research aspects of Merkel cell carcinoma. We are involved in several clinical studies on this increasingly common and often lethal skin cancer to determine its basic genetic underpinnings as well as its clinical course and optimal management. The Merkel cell carcinoma Multicenter Interest Group (MMIG), an international collaborative group, has been formed to leverage diverse resources, interests and expertise to make a difference in this cancer.


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