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UW School of Dentistry

Office of Educational Partnerships and Diversity

Access to Care Project at the University of Washington, School of Dentistry

Student group photo
Student volunteers at a Teeth and Toes outreach event at a local community partner location

The service mission carried out by the Access to Care project is to improve the oral health and wellbeing of the people of the local community and the region. Our team is responsible for coordinating outreach programs that are especially attentive to minority and under-served populations. Together, we participate in various outreach events directed at reducing oral health inequities in under-served communities.

There is a great lack of access to dental care in many communities throughout Washington state.  In addition, there is an under-representation of dentists and other oral health care providers from under-served communities.  Causes include poverty and lack of education and knowledge of educational opportunities.

The Office of Educational Partnerships and Diversity works to build infrastructure to support projects in which Dental students can play an important role in helping alleviate many of these problems. Dental students provide much-needed care and act as teachers and mentors to youth from these communities.  Community interaction of this type has the potential to not only improve the oral health of the under-served community directly but also increase the number of dentists, educators and leaders within these communities in the long term.

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