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Brian Leroux, PhD

Brian Leroux

Professor, Biostatistics, SPH
Professor, Oral Health Sciences

206.616.4643, 206.616.0467

Dr. Brian Leroux is a Professor in the Department of Oral Health Sciences with a joint appointment in the Department of Biostatistics. He received his PhD in Statistics from The University of British Columbia in 1989 and has been at the University of Washington since 1991. He is currently the director of the Data Coordinating Center for Northwest PRECEDENT, a practice-based dental research network.

Dr. Leroux’s main research interest is in statistical methods for correlated data with applications to dental research and other fields. In addition to his work on Northwest PRECEDENT he collaborates with Seattle Children’s Hospital investigators on studies on craniofacial anomalies and is a Biostatistician and Associate Director of the data coordinating center for the Resuscitation Outcomes Consortium which conducts clinical trials in emergency medicine.
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