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Affiliate Faculty Volunteers

Composite of volunteers and students

In our school’s rigorous curricular structure, students gain invaluable experience from treating a high number of patients and performing a multitude of procedures during their third and fourth years. As a result, this structure imposes demands on faculty coverage of clinics. To meet that demand, we ask alumni and other Washington dentists to volunteer as affiliate faculty members.


The demand is particularly high for affiliate faculty to serve in our pre-doctoral programs, with especially acute needs existing for faculty coverage in the third-year clerkships and the fourth-year clinic. More dentists are also needed to cover the Dental Urgent Care Clinic and the DECOD special-needs clinic.

While general dentists are sought for the most part, a need also exists for specialists including prosthodontists, periodontists, and endodontists.

What can I expect?

Serving as an affiliate faculty member will provide you with the prestige of instructing and mentoring some of the world’s top dental students. You will also work in a very stimulating environment, have the opportunity to update your own knowledge, and experience great camaraderie among School of Dentistry faculty and students. And you will have a lot of fun doing it!


If you are a Washington licensed dentist who would like to devote a half-day a week or more as a member of our affiliate faculty, please contact Christina Wee ( in our Dean’s office. Join us and help shape the future of dental education at one of the world’s leading dental schools. Thank you!