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UW School of Dentistry


The School of Dentistry shares the University’s overall mission to generate, disseminate, and preserve knowledge, and to serve the region. The School’s research programs contribute to understanding biological, behavioral, social, biomedical, and clinical aspects of dental / orofacial health.

UW School of Dentistry Research in the News

January, 2021 – The 2018 SURF project on sleep apnoea by Tiffany Do was recently published in Heliyon, and was featured in two major online UK social media sources after Dr. Zi-Jun Liu was interviewed by a Media and Communication Manager of Cell Press. Read more in Daily Mail and INVERSE.

July 22, 2020 – Inside your mouth lives a group of bacteria whose closest relatives can also be found in the belly of a moose, in dogs, cats, and dolphins, and in groundwater deep under the Earth’s surface. In a noteworthy discovery, scientists led by a UW School of Dentistry researcher have found that these organisms have adapted to these incredibly diverse environments without radically changing their genetic makeup, or genomes. Read more about Saccharibacteria