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Department of Endodontics

Graduate Program

The Department of Endodontics offers a combined Certificate in Endodontics/Master of Science in Dentistry degree. Ours is a 26 month program that requires research training and completion of a publishable paper.

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Objectives of the Graduate Program

Traditionally, the Graduate Endodontics Program has had as its goal the achievement of excellence in all phases of the endodontic discipline. We seek to develop clinicians of demonstrable expertise, able teachers and knowledgeable researchers. While it is recognized that only the exceptional individual possesses the characteristics that would allow him/her to excel in all three endeavors, the flexible nature of the Graduate Endodontics Program allows the student to pursue goals in keeping with his/her ability and interest.

Certificate Program

A student who receives a certificate in Endodontics must demonstrate expertise in the management of all phases of clinical endodontics. He/she must be an astute diagnostician of dental, oral and perioral pathosis; he/she must be able to render judicious emergency treatment; he/she must master both routine and sophisticated treatment procedures involving both conventional and surgical endodontic therapy. A basic understanding of the biological sciences will provide a sound basis for insight into the rationale behind diagnostic and treatment procedures. By developing the ability to analyze past, present and future endodontic literature, the graduate will be able to assess pertinent literature for meaningful answers to voids in our present body of endodontic knowledge.

Having been presented with a sound basis in educational philosophy and having received an opportunity to observe and participate in the undergraduate endodontics teaching program and the graduate seminars, the certificate recipient will be prepared to undertake educational activities at the various levels demanded of the trained specialist.

Master of Science in Dentistry Program

In addition to achieving the objectives of the certificate program, the individual who earns the Master of Science in Dentistry degree will be prepared to develop and supervise research activities and thereby be able to make original contributions to the state of endodontic knowledge.