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UW School of Dentistry

Health and Safety

The School of Dentistry is committed to protecting all patients, students, staff, and faculty by ensuring safety and infection control standards and state, federal and CODA requirements are met.   These standards and requirements include, among others, workforce training, clinic inspections, policies, procedure manuals, immunizations, and event reporting. The School’s Health and Safety Program specifically addresses topics such as Bloodborne Pathogens, Exposure Control/Protocol, CPR, Hazard Communication, Asbestos and Infection Control.

Workforce members are individually responsible for completing required training and following all policies and procedures applicable to their individual roles in the School of Dentistry. School Leaders (Chairs, Administrators, Directors, Managers and Supervisors) are responsible for demonstrating understanding of health and safety standards and requirements, policies and procedures, and potential risk areas. School Leaders are also responsible for providing staff, students and faculty with appropriate departmental/clinic training targeted at health and safety as it pertains to the employee’s job responsibilities. All workforce members are responsible for reporting events, including near misses, so the School can appropriately respond to current incidents and prevent potentially unsafe or hazardous situations in the future.

If you have questions about the Health and Safety Program, please contact Kayla Milano, Health & Safety Manager, at