Faculty Directory

Core Faculty

Cheryl Cameron, MSEd, PhD, JD, Professor and Vice Provost for Academic Personnel

Donald Chi, DDS, PhD, Associate Professor
Dentistry and public health, Medicaid dental program, dental care utilization for children with special health care needs, multi-level statistical modeling

Whasun Oh Chung, PhD, Research Professor
Oral Microbiology and Defensin Antimicrobial Peptides

Susan Coldwell, PhD, Professor
Development and physiological influences on taste preference and perception.  Psychophysical measurement of pain, anxiety, and taste

Joana Cunha-Cruz, DDS, MPH, PhD, Research Associate Professor
Oral health epidemiology, social epidemiology, and evidence-based dental practice

Richard Darveau, MS, PhD, Professor
Bacteria/host interactions, LPS biochemistry, Host inflammatory response

Mark Drangsholt, DDS, MPH, PhD, Professor
Orofacial Pain

David Grembowski, PhD, MA, Professor
Design and performance of health care systems, prevention, and technology diffusion

Lisa Heaton, PhD, Clinical Assistant Professor
Access to dental care in adults with mental Illness and individuals who avoid dental care due to fear and other barriers

Susan Herring, PhD, Professor
Craniofacial Biology

Philippe Hujoel, PhD, DDS, MSD, MS, Professor
Nutrition with a focus on low carbohydrate diets, harmful effects of diagnostic radiation and evidence-based methodology and applications

Susanne Kölare Jeffrey, DDS, PhD, Lecturer Part-time
Saliva as a diagnostic fluid

Brian Leroux, PhD, Professor
Statistical methods for correlated data with applications to dental research and other fields

C. Michele Lloid, RDH, BA, MS, Clinical Associate Professor
Oral Care of post bone marrow transplant patients

Lloyd Mancl, PhD, Research Associate Professor
Statistical methods for dental research with an emphasis on longitudinal and correlated data and applied research on caries, temporomandibular disorders, and periodontal disease

Tracy Popowics, PhD, Associate Professor
Dental Morphology

Richard Presland, PhD, Associate Professor & Graduate Program Director
Molecular Basis of Epithelial Cell Differentiation

Douglas Ramsay, DMD, PhD, MSD, Professor
Mechanisms of Drug Tolerance, Mechanisms and Psychophysics of Pain

Marilynn Rothen, RDH, MS, Clinical Assistant Professor
Dental caries management and risk assessment; treatment of patients with dental fear

Alfred Sipols, PhD, and Dr. med., Acting Professor

Adjunct Faculty

Dwayne Arola,  PhD, Adjunct Associate Professor

Tar Chee Aw,  DDS, MS, Adjunct Associate Professor

Peter Byers, MD, Adjunct Professor
Collagen Expression

Michael Cunningham, MD, PhD, Adjunct Professor
Pathogenesis of human malformation syndromes

Ajay Dhaka, PhD, Adjunct Assistant Professor

David Eyre, PhD, Adjunct Professor

Albert Folch, PhD, Adjunct Associate Professor
Development of miniature cell culture tools for quantitative cell biology studies

Cecilia Giachelli, PhD, Adjunct Professor
Adhesion molecules and vascular biology processes

Greg Huang, DMD, MSD, MPH, Adjunct Professor

Matthew Kaeberlein, PhD, Adjunct Professor
Molecular mechanisms of aging

Masaoki Kawasumi, MD, PhD, Adjunct Assistant Professor
Mammalian DNA repair and cancer

Linda LeResche, ScD, Adjunct Professor
Behavioral and epidemiologic aspects of pain

Zi-Jun Liu, DDS, MS, PhD, Adjunct Research Associate Professor
Biology of craniofacial skeletons and musculatures, TMJ functions and TMD, Mechanism of orthodontic tooth movements and material properties of periodontal ligaments

Ali Murat Maga, PhD, Adjunct Assistant Professor

Michael Martin, PhD, Adjunct Professor

Christy McKinney, PhD, MPH, Adjunct Clinical Assistant Professor
Oral clefts, maternal nutrition, infant feeding, and global health

Jeffrey McLean, PhD, Adjunct Associate Professor
Oral microbiome, next generation sequencing, in vitro biofilm models

Paul Nghiem, MD, PhD, Adjunct Professor
Skin cancer biology, Merkel cell carcinoma

Zipora Reuveni, PhD, Adjunct Professor
Regulation of myogenic stem cell function in adult life

Frank Roberts, DDS, PhD, Adjunct Associate Professor

Timothy Rose, PhD, Adjunct Professor
Molecular biology of tumor viruses, cell growth, differentiation and transformation

Jeffrey Rubenstein, DMD, MS, Adjunct Professor

Hannele Ruohola-Baker, PhD, Adjunct Professor
Stem cell development and differentiation in vertebrates and invertebrates

Mehmet Sarikaya, PhD, Adjunct Professor
Molecular Biomimetics

Eric Siebel, PhD, Adjunct Research Professor
Optical scanning devices for disease diagnosis

Patrick Stayton, PhD, Adjunct Professor
Engineering proteins for biotechnology, Biomaterials, and biomedical therapies/diagnostics

Minoru Taya, PhD, Adjunct Professor
Intelligent materials and systems

Rheem Totah, MS, PhD, Adjunct Associate Professor
Drug-endogenous substrate interactions

Carol Ware, PhD, Adjunct Professor
Embryonic stem cells (ESC) and Human ESC (hESC)

Paul Yager, PhD, Adjunct Professor
Research and development of biomedical diagnostic technology based on microbluidics

Jing Zhang, MD, PhD, Adjunct Professor
Molecular biomarker for Parkinson’s disease

Emeritus Faculty

Trilby Coolidge, Academic Rehire

Beverly Dale-Crunk, Professor Emeritus

Timothy DeRouen, Professor Emeritus

Martha Fales, Professor Emeritus

Kenneth Izutsu, Professor Emeritus

Karl Kaiyala, Research Associate Professor Emeritus

Peter Milgrom, Professor Emeritus

Thomas Morton, Jr., Professor Emeritus

Eileen Watson, Professor Emeritus

Philip Weinstein, Professor Emeritus

Norma Wells, Associate Professor Emeritus