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Research Day

Faculty Presentations

Dr. Fritzie Arce-McShaneFritzie Arce-McShane, PhD, Assistant Professor, Oral Health Sciences
Dr. Arce-McShane has interests in systems and computational neuroscience, biomechanics, cortical and biomechanical control of orofacial sensorimotor behavior in healthy vs pathological aging, oral health and Alzheimer’s disease, oral somatosensation, and functional connectivity.

Presentation: Cortical encoding of 3D tongue position and shape during feeding: Control principles and clinical implications

Ana Lucia Seminario

Ana Lucia Seminario, DDS, PhD, Associate Professor, Pediatric Dentistry, Adjunct Associate Professor, Global Health, UW School of Public Health
Dr. Seminario has dual training as a pediatric dentist and epidemiologist. She is a member of the Council on Clinical Affairs at the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry and the Director of the UW Timothy A. DeRouen Center for Global Oral Health.

Presentation: Oral health implications of advances in the treatment and prevention of HIV: opportunities for inter-professional collaborations

Dr. Cameron Randall

Cameron Randall, PhD, Assistant Professor, Oral Health Sciences
Dr. Randall has interests in behavioral dentistry, pain, dental fear and anxiety, health behavior, provider’s implementation of evidence-based practice, and workforce wellness.

Presentation: Improving Dentistry with Behavioral Science: The Case of Implementation Research to Translate Evidence to Practice