Department of Orthodontics

Graduate Faculty

Burcu Bayirli

Burcu Bayirli, DDS, MS, PhD

Clinical Associate Professor, Orthodontics
Clinical Associate Professor, Pediatric Dentistry

Research Interests

Access to orthodontic care for underserved populations and orthodontic treatment outcomes.

Anne-Marie Bollen

Anne-Marie Bollen, DDS, MS, PhD

Graduate Program Director, Orthodontics
Professor, Orthodontics

Research Interests

Bone metabolism.

Geoffrey M. Greenlee

Geoffrey M. Greenlee, DDS, MSD, MPH

Clinical Associate Professor, Orthodontics
Director, Graduate Orthodontics and Faculty Practice Clinics

Susan Herring

Susan Herring, PhD

Professor Emeritus, Orthodontics
Professor, Oral Health Sciences

Research Interests

Craniofacial Biology

Greg J. Huang

Greg J. Huang, DMD, MSD, MPH

Kokich-Shapiro Endowed Professor and Chair, Orthodontics
Adjunct Professor, Oral Health Sciences

Research Interests

Practice-based research, orthodontic outcomes and stability, evidence-based orthodontics

Donald R. Joondeph

Donald R. Joondeph, DDS, MS

Associate Professor Emeritus, Orthodontics
Funded by the Moore-Riedel Endowment

Roozbeh Khosravi

Roozbeh Khosravi, DMD, PhD

Clinical Assistant Professor, Orthodontics

Research Interests

Dr. Khosravi’s primary research interests are three dimensional image processing and morphometrics.

Gregory J. King

Gregory J. King, DMD, DMSc

Professor Emeritus, Orthodontics

Research Interests

Alveolar bone remodeling during orthodontic treatment; Public Health and Policy research in orthodontics; Practice based research networks.

Robert M. Little

Robert M. Little, DDS, MSD, PhD

Professor Emeritus, Orthodontics

Zi-Jun Liu

Zi-Jun Liu, DDS, MS, PhD

Research Associate Professor, Orthodontics
Adjunct Research Associate Professor, Oral Health Sciences

Research Interests

Biology of craniofacial skeletons and musculatures, TMJ functions and TMD, Mechanism of orthodontic tooth movements and material properties of periodontal ligaments

Katherine Rafferty

Katherine Rafferty, PhD

Senior Lecturer, Orthodontics

Research Interests

Craniofacial biomechanics, with particular focus on bone strain and functional adaptation of bony tissue.

Douglas Ramsay

Douglas Ramsay, DMD, PhD, MSD

Professor and Chair, Oral Health Sciences
Professor, Orthodontics and Pediatric Dentistry, Adjunct Professor, Psychology

Research Interests

Mechanisms of Drug Tolerance, Mechanisms and Psychophysics of Pain

Peter A. Shapiro

Peter A. Shapiro, DDS, MSD

Clinical Professor Emeritus, Orthodontics

Research Interests

Craniofacial biology

Heather Woloshyn

Heather Woloshyn, DMD, MSD

Acting Assistant Professor, Orthodontics