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Department of Orthodontics

Visiting Scholars Program

To apply please submit the following electronically to Ellen Liao, Administrator, at

  • Completed application form
  • Two page proposal describing research interests & work plan for proposed stay
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Documentation of financial support from Sponsoring Institution/organizations; and if any personal funds are being used, a letter from financial institution is also required
  • Two letters of reference
  • Application Form (PDF)

Admissions and Application

The Department of Orthodontics at the UW School of Dentistry is well known for its strength in basic science, translational, and clinical research. In the spirit of fostering the highest level of orthodontic research around the world, the Department provides interested colleagues with an opportunity to participate in our Visiting Scholars Program. This program is structured to allow the development of an individual’s research skills. The program begins in late June with the attendance of the School of Dentistry Summer Institute in Clinical Dental Research Methods, followed by the conduct of a research project, which is developed by the Visiting Scholar in conjunction with his/her faculty mentor. It is expected that about 90% of the Visiting Scholar’s time will be spent on research activities. During the remaining time, the Visiting Scholar is invited to attend Journal club, as well as to attend one course, as a guest observer, taught by their faculty mentor each quarter. Visiting Scholars may sometimes arrange to observe patient care in the faculty practice. Visiting Scholars are not permitted in the Graduate Clinic.

Visiting Scholars bring new perspectives that are beneficial scientifically, clinically, and culturally. Through these collaborations, we look forward to working with colleagues around the world to make significant advances in the field of orthodontics.

Admission to the Visiting Scholars Program is limited, and depends on availability of faculty and space. Decisions are made as promptly as possible.

Visiting Scholars Benefits

Faculty Sponsor: Faculty sponsorship includes providing guidance to the scholar on his or her research and facilitating introductions to other faculty members who may share a common interest with the visitor.

University Library: Library borrowing privileges as provided by Library regulations.

Office Space: The Department Chair will make every effort to provide office space for the Visiting Scholar (usually a shared office).

Computer Access: The Visiting Scholar should bring her/his own laptop. The Department will provide internet access. An e-mail account is provided for the duration of the appointment, and for one month after the appointment end date in order to accommodate any final communications. The academic computer center and library computers are also available for occasional use.

Special Activities: The Visiting Scholar is invited to participate in special activities connected with the Department of Orthodontics, such as Thesis Day, Golf Day, etc. The Visiting Scholar is responsible for any fees associated with these events.

Husky Card: Visiting Scholars are issued a University identification card upon their arrival.

Exercise Facilities: The Intra-Mural Activities building (IMA) may be used by showing the Husky Card at the IMA front desk and paying a quarterly fee for use of the facility.

Transportation Access: The University is readily accessible by public transportation. You may purchase a U-PASS during your stay, which will give you access to a number of transportation options and services. Information on obtaining a Washington State Driver’s License can be found on the International Scholars Program web site.

Responsibilities and Limitations

Living Arrangements: Visiting Scholars are responsible for all housing, transportation, and personal costs while at the University of Washington. Scholars must make their own living and transportation arrangements. The coordinator may be able to guide the applicant to various resources. See the Visiting Faculty Housing Service for more information.

Employment: Visiting Scholars may not be employed while at the University.

Patient Treatment: Visiting Scholars may not participate in any clinical care while at the University.

Professional Behavior: Visiting Scholars are expected to conduct themselves within all standards of ethical and professional behavior while at the University.

Health Insurance: Visiting Scholars are expected to have health insurance coverage while they are at the University. Please see J-1 Visa Insurance Requirements for more information.

Excellent English language skills are a critical factor for a Visiting Scholar’s ability to participate in the intellectual and social life of the School and community. Proposed activities must be research focused, not course work or clinical in nature.

The Visiting Scholars fee is $800/per month with the minimum visit being six months in length.

An additional non-refundable fee of $300 per person (subject to change) is required to process the J-1/DS-2019 Visa document through the UW International Scholars Program.