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Department of Orthodontics

Graduate Student Research

Graduate Student Research Topics by Year

Asher Chiu: Utility of Automated Digital Setup for Orthodontic Treatment Planning

Deepa Gollamudi: Effect of Alveolar Bone Graft Surgery Timing on Maxillary Size and Position in Non-syndromic Unilateral Cleft Lip and Palate

Kelly McMonagle: Anatomic Landmarks on CBCT in Orthodontics: Utility, Accuracy, and Reliability

Eleftheria Iris Michelaki: Force Decay in Thermoformed Aligner Plastics: An in vitro comparison study

Kha Nguyen: Buccal Alveolar Bone Changes in Adult Non-extraction Clear Aligner Patients: A Retrospective CBCT Study

Ellen Hoang: Factors Contributing to Canine Impaction in Patients with Unilateral Cleft Lip and Palate (UCLP) Undergoing Alveolar Bone Grafts (ABG)

Ameen Shahnam: The Multiloop Edgewise Archwire Technique: Treatment Effects and Stability in Correction of Anterior Openbite

Kaitlyn Tom: Association Between Crowding Estimation and Extraction Recommendations in Orthodontics

Sherry Wan: Validity and Reliability of the Photographic Open Bite Severity Index (POSI)

Erin Yoshida: Mitigation of Aerosol Particles during Composite Attachment Removal

Jessica Collins: Adult Anterior Open Bite Treatment Outcomes and Stability: Extraction vs. Non-Extraction

Sara Finkleman: Does Planned Molar Intrusion with Aligners Assist with Closure of Anterior Openbite?

Erica Frenkel: Occlusal Contact Changes in Patients Treated with Clear Aligners

Lauren Hagel: Facemask Therapy: Outcomes and Assessing the Need for Subsequent Treatment

Anna Morrow: Effect of timing on treatment outcomes and surgical complications of orthognathic surgery in Class II patients

Gabriela Aragon-Meyer: Orthodontic Treatment-Induced Change in Occlusal Contacts in Subjects with Class I and Class II Malocclusions

Leigh E. Armijo: Use of in-fiber Bragg Grating Sensors to Measure PDL Strain in an ex-vivo Swine Model

Emily W. Knott: Robin Sequence and Mandibular Distraction Osteogenesis: Variations in Craniofacial Morphology and Tooth Development

Lauren Lewandowski: Treatment Acceptance in Adult Anterior Open Bite Patients: A National Network Study

Sarah R. Ovard: Bias in Superimposition of Lateral Cephalograms in Anterior Openbite Patients

Timothée Cousin: Validity and Reliability of HLD Treatment Need Indices Currently Used in the United States

David Gu: Anterior Openbite Malocclusion in Adults: Treatment Stability and Patient Satisfaction

Jason C. Johnson: Orthodontic Treatment of Anterior Open-bite With and Without Skeletal Anchorage

Kazuma Kitagaito: Malocclusion in Pediatric Obstructive Sleep Apnea Refractory to Adenotonsillectomy Referred for Sleep Study

Dong (David) Uk Shin: Cyclic Loading in Hypoplastic Facial Sutures: Can it Enhance Growth?

Samuel A. Finkleman: The National Dental Practice-Based Research Network Adult Anterior Openbite Study: Patient Satisfaction with Treatment

Princy Kuriakose: Assessment of Rapid Palatal Expansion Using A Remote Monitoring Software

Robert C. Lee: Near-infrared Imaging of Artificial Enamel Caries Lesions with a Scanning Fiber Endoscope

Adam M. Skrypczak: Analysis of Negative Online Reviews for Orthodontists

Lauren S. Todoki: The National Dental Practice-Based Research Network Adult Anterior Openbite Study: Treatment Success

Neal E. Bastian: Mouth Guards during Orthodontic Treatment: Perspectives of Orthodontists and a Survey of Orthodontic Patients Playing School-Sanctioned Basketball and Football

Yelena Akselrod Beygelman: The Influence of Labio-lingual and Mesio-distal Anterior Tooth Dimensions on Inter-arch Relationships: A Modified Anterior Bolton Analysis

Sherwin Habibi: Characterizing the Appearance of Ex Vivo Remineralized White Spot Lesions in Extracted Teeth with Fluoride Solution, MI Paste Plus, and a Novel Peptide

Sepideh Torkan: 3-D Comparison of the Shape and Position of the Condyle Before and After Class II Correction

Veronica M. Toro: Evaluating Changes in the Inter-Occlusal Space during Orthodontic Retention Stage

Kelly Weikert Choi: The Influence of Patient, Practitioner, and Dentofacial Characteristics on Recommendations and Acceptance of Treatment Plans for Anterior Open Bite in Adults

Derek Hou: The Effect of Digital Diagnostic Setups on Treatment Planning

Mina Katchooi: The Effect of Vibration on Clear Aligner Therapy – A Randomized Controlled Trial

Fedora Katz: Reducing CBCT Radiation Dose and Maintaining Image Quality for Reliable Cephalometric Measurements

Shean Han Soh: Cyclic Loading Effects on Craniofacial Strain and Sutural Growth in Pigs

Roozbeh Khosravi: Management of Overbite with Clear Aligners

Mariana Muguerza: Tooth Development Following Distraction Osteogenesis in Patients with Maxillary Hypoplasia

Niousha Saghafi: Influence of Clinicians’ Experience and Gender on Extraction Decision in Orthodontics

Keyvan Sohrabi: Does Initial Malocclusion Predict the Outcome of Orthodontic Treatment?

Matthew Stout: Assessing the Feasibility of Yttria-stabilized Zirconia in Mandibular Anterior Fixed Lingual Retention

Blake B. Davis: Why do you want your child to have braces? Investigating the motivations of Hispanic/Latino and Caucasian parents

Susan Kim: Predicting Improvement of Post-Orthodontic White Spot Lesions

Jantraveus Marquis Merritt: Is There a Difference in Orthodontic Utilization Between Majority & Minority Medicaid, Adolescent Patients in Washington State?

María Nart: Evaluation of Radiographic Bone Loss following Orthodontic Treatment of Mandibular Incisor Crowding in Patients with and without prior History of Periodontal Disease

Soleil de Marsche Roberts: Midfacial and Dental Changes Associated with Positive Airway Pressure in Children and Adolescents with Sleep-Disordered Breathing

Megha Anand: A Retrospective Investigation of the Effectiveness and Efficiency of the Self-ligating and Conventional Brackets

Aaron B. Christopher: A Novel Prediction Model for Mandibular Growth

Nadia C. Farjo: Characteristics and Fate of Original Articles Submitted to the AJO-DO in 2008

Wei Tian: Comparing Anthropometric Measures of the Nose Using Different Methods in Infants with Non-Syndromic Clefts

Elizabeth D. Ubaldo: Cephalometric Analysis and Long-Term Outcomes of Surgical Jaw Advancement in Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Brett C. Alvey: Change in Mesial-Distal Root Angulation of Maxillary Second Molars and Lateral Incisors Following Orthodontic Treatment
Vincent G. Kokich, Sr., Committee Chair

S. Jace Beattie: Subjective Orthodontic Treatment Outcomes in a Medicaid Population
Gregory J. King, Committee Chair

Sara E. Cassidy: Treatment of Class II Subdivision Malocclusions
Greg J. Huang, Committee Chair

Siddharth R. Vora: CD44-/- Animals Display Decreased Orthodontic Tooth Movement using a Murine Model
Gregory J. King, Committee Chair

Maggie Y. Wang: Antegonial notching and the pattern of vertical facial growth
David L. Turpin, Committee Chair

Ayman A. Al Dayeh: Real time monitoring of the nasal septal cartilage growth in minipigs
Susan W. Herring, Committee Chair

Raquel T. Capote: Retention Practices used by NW PRECEDENT Orthodontists and the Experiences of their Patients
Gregory J. King, Committee Chair

Adelina M. Fontes: Long-term Stability of Anterior Open Bite Closure with BSSO and Surgical Rotation of the Mandible
Donald R. Joondeph, Committee Chair

Raj B. Lotwala: Bisphosphonates as a Risk Factor for Adverse Orthodontic Outcomes: A Retrospective-cohort Study
Greg J. Huang, Committee Chair

Tori N. Matthys: Masseter treatment with Botulinum neurotoxin type A: Effects on mandibular condylar bone in rabbits
Susan W. Herring, Committee Chair

Jacob DaBell: Thesis Title: Effectiveness of Maxillary Anterior Biteplates in Overbite Retention
Chair: Greg King, Geoff Greenlee, Greg Huang, Chuck Spiekerman

Thomas Houlihan: Thesis Title: A Descriptive Study of the Relationship of the Alveolar Crest with the Cemento-enamel Junction during the Transition from Adolescence to Adulthood in an Orthodontically Treated Population
Chair: Vince Kokich, Thomas Flemmig, Zee Liu, Doug Ramsay

Alfonso Navarrete: Thesis Title: Botulinum Neurotoxin Type A (BoNT/A) Effects on Bite Force, Masticatory Function and Incisor Eruption in Rabbits
Chair: Sue Herring, Geoff Greenlee, Zee Liu, Kathy Rafferty

Enrique Reyes-Retana Serrano: Thesis Title: Bone Volume, Tooth Volume, Tooth Width and Incisor Relapse. A Three Dimensional Analysis of Orthodontic Stability.
Chair: Anne-Marie Bollen, Curtis Chen, Sue Herring

Brienne Roloff: Thesis Title: Treatment of White Spot Lesions after Orthodontic Treatment: A Practice-based Randomized Controlled Trial
Chair: Greg Huang, Geoff Greenlee, Greg King, Chuck Spiekerman, John Wataha

P. Jason Goltz: Pretreatment External Root Resorption and its Implications for Orthodontic Treatment
Vincent G.  Kokich, Committee Chair

Jeffrey D. Hyde: Practicing Orthodontists’ Experiences with Miniscrew Implants: A PRECEDENT Network Study
Greg J. Huang, Committee Chair

Eugenia Lee: Regional Differences in the Pig Mandibular Symphysis
Sue Herring, Committee Chair

Michael M. Thurman: The effect of Occlusion on Dental and Skeletal Class II Correction Using a Headgear Appliance: A Cephalometric Study
Gregory J. King, Committee Chair

Jeremy Chaison: Bone Volume, Tooth Volume and Incisor Relapse, A Three Dimensional Analysis of Orthodontic Stability

Cameron Jolley: The Dental Effectiveness of Interceptive Treatment in a Medicaid Population: Results from a Randomized Clinical Trial

Taylor Olsen: Post Orthodontic Dental Movement in Patients with Missing Maxillary Laterals Prior to Implants: A Radiographic Study

Blair Hanson Struble: A Comparison of Prospectively and Retrospectively Identified ABO Certification Cases

Lucien Bellamy: Incisor Intrusion in Adults: The Effects of Alveolar Bone Level and Root Length

Amrit Burn: The Effect of Dietary Consistency on Craniofacial Suture Growth and Morphology in the Growing Pig

Kelly Ryan: The Effect of Malocclusion and its Treatment on the Quality of Life of Adolescents

Zongyang Sun: Angiogenesis of a Mandibular Distraction Osteogenesis Site and its Relationship to Masticatory Strain

Fereshteh Yousefzadeh: Cephalometry and Electromyography in East African Patients With and Without Anterior Open Bite

Brian Almond: Non-Fouling Polymer Coatings to Prevent Oral Biofilm on Dental Materials

Isaac Fu: Do Palatal Mini-Implants Provide Absolute Anchorage for Orthodontic Purposes when Loaded Immediately:  A Comparison of Midpalatal vs. Parasagittal?

ThuyLinh Huynh: Slow Maxillary Expansion for the Early Treatment of Posterior Crossbite

Setareh Razzaghi: Effects of Two Types of Extraoral Traction on the Vertical Dimension of Patients with a Wide Range of Mandibular Plane Angles

Reid Winkler: Electronic Measures of Orthodontic Headgear Wear

Baldwin: Tooth tipping in premolar extraction cases treated with an invisalign-like appliance.

Erickson: The effects of orthodontic treatment and treatment efficiency using the Damon bracket system versus traditional treatment methods.

Kim: A comparison of miniscrews and teeth for orthodontic anchorage.

Madan: Effect of Human Relaxin (2) on orthodontic tooth movement
Sionit: Soft tissue changes associated with rapid maxillary expansion alone or with concomitant maxillary protraction.

Sionit: Soft Tissue Changes Associated with Rapid Maxillary Expansion Alone or with Concomitant Maxillary Protraction.

Cruikshank: A cephalometric analysis of two treatment modalities for class two malocclusion: Headgear vs maxillary premolar extraction.

George: The association between orthodontic treatment and temporomandibular disorders in adolescents.

Pham: An assessment of limited and comprehensive orthodontic insurance claims in Washington State.

Rothe: The determination of bone quality using fractal dimension and cortical thickness and its effect on dental relapse after orthodontic treatment.

Schmidt: Periodontal and pulpal responses associated with exposure, eruption, and orthodontic alignment of palatally impacted canines.

Mirabelli: The effectiveness of phase I orthodontic treatment in a Medicaid population.

Nett: Long-term post treatment changes evaluated with the ABO objective grading system.

Orsini: Cross cultural differences in profile preferences.

Theis: Validation study of the handicapping labiolingual Dynamic Histomorphometric analysis of regenerate osteogenesis following mandibular distraction in the rat.

Williams: Dynamic Histomorphometric Analysis of Regenerate Osteogenesis Following Mandibular Distraction in the Rat.

Chen: The development and validation of an orthodontic expert system for treatment need assessment.

Clements: Clear sequential removable orthodontic appliances: Effects of material stiffness and activation schedule on occlusal characteristics.

Connors: Radiographic analysis of the regenerate in mandibular distraction osteogenesis.

Hatch: Mutant growth factor receptors and the molecular etiology of craniosynostosis.

Ormiston: Stability of orthodontic treatment: A logistic regression analysis.

Damon: Trabecular bone architecture in the human temporomandibular joint.

Hall: Orthodontic treatment for Medicaid eligible children: A survey of Washington State orthodontists.

Horwitz: Long term stability using the bilateral sagital split osteotomy for the treatment of open bite malocclusion.

Salome: Accuracy of visual treatment objectives: Comparing mandibular posture prediction with computer generated prediction in mandibular advancement surgery.

Surbeck: Role of long-term mandibular fixed retention in preventing relapse.

Ashmore: A three-dimensional analysis of molar movement during headgear treatment.

Castillo: In vitro fluoride release after the application of two commercially available fluoride varnishes: Duraphat and Duraflor.

Greenlee: Quantification of cephalometric skeletal differences in the fetal alcohol syndrome.

Liss: Alveolar bone structure as a risk factor for apical root resorption.

Lyons: Headgear monitoring for orthodontics: validation and implementation of a new monitoring system.

Noxon: Osteoclast clearance from periodontal tissues during orthodontic tooth movement.

Younger: Stability of mandibular arch length deficiency cases treated nonextraction.

Huang: Association between postretention alignment of maxillary and mandibular anterior teeth.

Justus: Is there a hypervascular period in pulpal and gingival tissues following Le Fort osteotomy?

Kashner: Post retention mandibular arch stability in ABO certification first premolar extraction cases.

Kokich: Perception of dental esthetics on smiling: An evaluation of tooth shape and position, gingival contour, and soft tissue relationship.

Kurth: Open gingival embrasures between maxillary central incisors in adult orthodontic patients.

Leavitt: A longitudinal study investigating orthodontic pain through electrical tooth stimulation.

Fudalej: Residual growth of the craniofacial complex after the second decade of life.

Grey: A cephalometric evaluation of mandibular dental changes in untreated adults.

Hicks: Long-term stability of the soft tissue results following maxillary advancement.

Lee: Risk factors for orthodontic root resorption: Anomalies in dentition and eruption pattern.

Loftus: Measurements of friction in various orthodontic bracket-archwire combinations.

Murphy: 3 year postoperative results of surgical mandibular advancement in an adolescent population.

Almond: A retrospective analysis of occlusal tooth wear and cephalometric variables in children and adults over a minimum of ten years.

Drangsholt: A comparison of treatment alternatives in patients with congenitally missing maxillary lateral incisors.

Lo: The effect of presurgical leveling on dental stability following open bite correction.

McCulloch: The effect of functional appliances on skeletal growth and metabolism-An animal study.

Sawhney: Generation of variants of ecotropic murine leukemia virus and assay for human-tropism.

Shashua: Orthodontic correction of maxillary median diastema-A follow-up evaluation of consecutive patients.

Freeman: Strain patterns in the pig zygomatic arch following fixation of the zygomatico-squamosal suture.

Hall: A comparison of sonically derived and traditional cephalometrics.

Magnuson: An assessment of craniofacial development in Macaca nemestrina exposed to ethanol in utero.

Marks: Functional load on the condyle in different positions: An experimental study in the minipig.

Pitts: Mandibular midline osteotomy: Stability, TMJ function, and periodontal status.

Wilson: Comparison on soft tissue profile changes in serial extraction and late premolar extraction.

Law: Comparison of four different methods to evaluate bone density from dental radiographs.

Norwick: Long-term stability of Angle Class II, Division 1 malocclusion with unsuccessful versus successful occlusal results at the end of active treatment.

Chong, Yea-Hwe: Treatment and post-treatment changes following use of protraction headgear for early correction of Class III malocclusion.

Published: Chong, Y-H., Ive, J.C. and Årtun, J. Changes following the use of protraction headgear for early correction of Class III malocclusion. Angle Orthod 66:351-362, 1996.

Nelson: Crestal alveolar bone loss of maxillary anterior teeth in adult orthodontic patients: prevalence, severity and risk factors.

Hesse: Changes in condylar position and occlusion associated with maxillary expansion for correction of functional unilateral posterior crossbite.

Knight: A longitudinal analysis of tooth wear from the mixed to adult dentitions.

Barwick, Peter: Effect of intrusive force on human pulpal blood flow.

Published: Barwick, P.J. and Ramsay, D.S. Effect of brief intrusive force on human pulpal blood flow. Am J Orthod Dentofac Orthop 110:273-279, 1996.

Ferrari, Claire: The effects of a bite opening appliance on the facial growth of the miniature pig.

Published: Ferrari, C. and Herring, S. Use of a bite-opening appliance in the miniature pig: modification of craniofacial growth. Acta Anat 154:205-215, 1995.

Sullivan, Terrance: A postretention study of patients presenting with a maxillary median diastema.

Published: Sullivan, T.C., Turpin, D.L., Årtun, J. A post-retention study of patients presenting with a maxillary median diastema. Angle Orthod 66:131-138, 1996.

Vermette, Michael: Evaluation of techniques for uncovering labially impacted teeth.

Published: Vermette, M.E., Kokich, V.G., Kennedy, D.B. Uncovering labially impacted teeth: apically positioned flap and closed-eruption techniques. Angle Orthod 65:23-24, 1995.

Zierhut, Eileen: Long-term profile changes associated with successfully treated extraction and non-extraction Class II, Division 1 malocclusions.

Covell: Migration of the periosteum in the mandibles of growing guinea pigs.

Knaup: Linear and rotational changes in large mandibular advancements using 3 or 4 fixation screws.

Larson: Movement of the epiglottis in mammals.

Ostler: Alveolar ridge changes in subjects congenitally missing mandibular second premolars.

Mirabella: Apical root resorption of maxillary anterior teeth in adult orthodontic patients. Part A: Prevalence and severity. Part B: Risk factors.

Published: Mirabella, A.D. and Årtun, J. Prevalence and severity of apical root resorption of maxillary anterior teeth in adult orthodontic patients. Eur J Orthod 17:93-99, 1995.

Mirabella, A.D. and Årtun, J. Risk factors for apical root resorption of maxilary anterior teeth in adult orthodontic patients. Am J Orthod Dentofac Orthop 108:48-55, 1995.

Woloshyn: Pulpal and periodontal reactions to orthodontic alignment of palatally impacted canines.