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Endodontics Faculty Research
Email Name Area Website Anvina Paranjpe Biomaterials in Endodontics Web profile

OMS Faculty Research
Email Name Area Website Andrea Burke Bone metabolism, craniofacial disorders, rare skeletal diseases, fibrous dysplasia, osteonecrosis, osteomyelitis, gender disparity in oral and maxillofacial surgery Web profile Austin Gaal Oral and maxillofacial surgery; cleft lip and palate; cleft and craniofacial differences; craniofacial trauma

OHS Faculty Research
Email Name Area Website Jonathan An Biological mechanisms of aging in the context of oral health, translational interventions Web profile Peter Byers Inherited disorders of connective tissue, molecular mechanisms of genetic disorders, splicing, protein folding, abnormal protein retention, genetic basis of several periodontal diseases Web profile Donald Chi Oral health inequities, Medicaid, fluoride hesitancy, oral health behaviors, social determinants of health, food insecurity, cystic fibrosis Website WHASUN CHUNG Oral innate immunity – Role of taste receptors in host immune responses; HIV infection and oral innate immunity in children Web profile Richard Darveau Oral Health Sciences, Periodontics, Microbiology microbiology, immunology Web profile Cecilia Giachelli Ectopic calcification, inflammation, cell-substrate interactions, tissue engineering and regeneration Web profile Phillipe Hujoel Nutrition, Radiation Web profile Lloyd Mancl Statistical applications to dental research with particularly interest in caries and oral health disparities. Web profile Christy McKinney Cleft, feeding and growth, environmental exposures, child oral health, epidemiology, data science Website Peter Milgrom Dental public health, applied clinical pharmacology Tracy Popowics Biomechanics of dental tissues, periodontal ligament regeneration, craniofacial growth Website Cameron Randall Dental/orofacial pain, dental fear and anxiety, oral health behaviors and behavior change interventions, providers’ implementation of evidence-based practice, workforce well-being, behavioral and social sciences in dentistry Website Hannele Ruohola-Baker Craniofacial regeneration, Tooth development, Ameloblasts, Stem cells, regeneration, Computer based protein design for regeneration and medicine Website Mehmet Sarikaya Molecular Biomimetics approach to technology and medicine Materals Science and Engineering

Oral Medicine Faculty Research
Email Name Area Website Milda Chmieliauskaite Qualitative research, mixed-methods research, patient perspectives, burning mouth syndrome, neuropathy and systemic diseases/treatment related/postsurgical, chronic post-traumatic/post-surgical pain, taste/smell, education and specialty selection by dental graduates David R. Dean Oral chronic graft-versus-host disease, irAEs/Immunotherapy-associated mucositis, oral complications of cancer therapy, effect of oral microbiome on GVHD/Oral mucositis. Website Mark Drangsholt Diagnosis and Causes of orofacial pain; evidence based medicine Web profile Kimberly Espinoza Disabilities, public health, medical sociology, special care dentistry Beatrice Gandara Problems of salivary Epidemiology and risk factor determination for tooth wear. Problems of salivary function and impact on oral health. Saliva as a diagnostic fluid. Web profile Peggy Lee Ultrasound use in dentistry, CBCT Web profile Paul Yager Home diagnostics, global health, detection of pathogens, measurement of human disease biomarkers at POC. Web profile

Orthodontics Faculty Research
Email Name Area Website Greg Huang Orthodontic Clinical Research, openbite Web profile Zi-Jun Liu Craniofacial Biology Web profile

Pediatric Dentistry Faculty Research
Email Name Area Website Travis Nelson Pediatric procedural sedation, pediatric restorative dentistry, dental care for Children with Special Needs Website Ana Seminario Global health, HIV, electronic health records, dental anomalies, refugee oral health Website

Periodontics Faculty Research
Email Name Area Website Virginia Daugherty Health services research related to RIDE/SLR Website Diane Daubert Peri-implant disease prevalence and risk factors, and treatment modalities, along with periodontal and gingival diseases. Website Sumita Jain Porphyromonas gingivalis bacterial pathogenesis focusing on virulence factors such as lipid A and outer membrane vesicles; gene expression of virulence genes in health vs. disease. Jeffrey McLean Microbiome, Oral inflammation, Gingivitis, Periodontitis Website Johnny Wang Dental implant integration and stability; Peri-implantitis treatment

Restorative Dentistry Faculty Research
Email Name Area Website Yen-Wei Chen All ceramic restorations, Digital dentistry Web profile Kwok-Hung Chung Biomaterials and Implant Biomechanics Web profile Sami Dogan Remineralization of dental hard tissues Web profile Mats Kronstrom Implant dentistry, dental education, prosthodontics, decision making in dentistry Web profile Pollene Speed-Mcintyre Restorative dentistry, Health disparities, access to dental care, implant dentistry, geriatric dentistry Web profile Ali Sadr Adhesive Dentistry/Digital Dentistry/Cariology, Non-destructive Imaging by Infared Web profile Hai Zhang Dental implantology, Prosthodontics, Mineralized tissue regeneration. Tooth root development, cementum formation and regenration. Web profile

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