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Dr. Douglass L. Morell Dentistry Research Fund

Call for Research grant applications

Application Deadline: We are not accepting applications at this time.  Please check back for future opportunities.

Morell Fund

The Dr. Douglass L. Morell Research Fund is provided to support those biomedical and behavioral research activities not readily supported by external sources or other School of Dentistry resources. It provides funding for small-scale, short-term research projects, using mechanisms that allow rapid response to unanticipated needs and new opportunities. Specific areas of priority include pilot research, research by new investigators, studies to take advantage of emerging opportunities in ongoing research projects and emergency funding during temporary lapses in research project grant support.

Only School of Dentistry faculty may serve as Principal Investigators on Morell Research Fund grants. However, collaboration of graduate students and postdoctoral fellows with faculty is encouraged. Research projects will be judged on the basis of scientific merit and adherence to University policies regarding research. Highest priority will be given to support of scientifically meritorious innovative projects showing promise of leading to applications for independent funding.

A. Pilot research. Small, short-term projects that explore new research ideas, test their validity and seek preliminary findings that may provide the basis for research project grant applications. These include multi-disciplinary collaborations to explore new directions in research.

B. New investigators. Initial research support for new investigators, and for investigators newly relocated at the UW, while in the process of applying for longer term funding.

C. Emerging opportunities. Unexpected requirements and opportunities for projects supported by other funding mechanisms.

D. Interim support during temporary lapses in funding. Typically, such support would be sought when a competing renewal application has been unsuccessful, but appears likely to receive future funding if appropriately modified. The intent of providing limited funds is to continue minimal project support to permit the Investigator to submit a revised application responsive to identified criticisms.

Applications for this type of support should be presented on the standard application form. The Research Plan section of the application should carefully describe the activities to be undertaken during the interim period and indicate the Investigator’s plans for future funding from other sources. In addition, the applicant should submit the following information:

  1. Certification that all departmental and other sources of funds have been explored and a listing of funds available from these sources. This includes plans to request a no-cost extension of the grant if this is feasible. Generally, interim funding applications that show significant cost sharing either from departmental or other sources will be given more favorable consideration.
  2. One reference copy of the competing renewal or other application that was denied continued funding.
  3. Copies of the study section critique indicating reviewer comments, recommendations for approval and funding, and priority score.
  4. .The most recent Budget Summary report from UW’s MyFinancial.desktop, which shows fund balances for the grant budget.
  5. Any other evidence available that addresses the probability that funding will be resumed or can be obtained in the future.

Except in most unusual circumstances, applicants for interim funding should anticipate support for no longer than six months or for more than $6,000 from this fund.

E. Repair or replacement of research equipment. Information as to the repairs required with complete price quotes or specific information as to the equipment to be replaced, with complete price quotes, should be included and justified in the budget. Funding for replacement or repair of equipment should be sought from all other sources, with this fund being considered a source of last resort.

Pilot grant applications should not be an extension of well-established, ongoing or recently funded studies or projects. All applicants must document the support of their respective department (or college/school). While not required, cost sharing is one demonstration of this commitment.

Funds will be disbursed to the department of the PI for day-to-day administration.

If awarded, a final report detailing project accomplishments will be due within 90 calendar days following the end of the funding period.

Timeline for the Spring 2023 application period is as follows.

  • Application Period Opens: April 5, 2023
  • Application Deadline: June 1, 2023 (5:00 p.m. Pacific)
  • Awardees Notified:  July 2023
  • Period of Performance: One year.  A no-cost extension may be requested by contacting the Chair of the Research Advisory Committee.

*Applications for emergency allocations will be received and considered at times other than those stated above. However, criteria applied will be unusually stringent since there will be no opportunity to consider these applications in relation to other funding requests.

The Research Advisory Committee will evaluate the applications following procedures similar to those used by study sections of the NIH.

Successful pilot research grant applications should:

  • Describe how the work is a new collaboration or partnership
  • Demonstrate how the work is innovative and feasible
  • Propose a framework, methods, approach, and analyses that are adequate and appropriate to the aims and time constraints of the project
  • Detail an evaluation plan that clearly describes the preliminary data or proof of concept the project team is seeking and how it will be used to pursue additional funding or concept development (i.e., the measure of a successful project)

Pilot research grant applications are encouraged, but not required, to include the following:

  • Partial or full funding match (in funds or in kind) from the PI’s departments
  • Plans for sustainability of work after funding (if applicable)

Members of the Research Advisory Council will review and score all applications, and will, if needed, consult with appropriate subject matter experts as part of the evaluation process. Awards will be granted to the highest-scoring applications, with the total number of awards varying year-by-year based on available funding. Comments from the reviewers are returned to the investigators to provide constructive feedback, which is often used to improve a non-funded grant for future re-submission.

Awards of up to $6,000 in total expenses per project are available. Allowed expenses include:

  • Personnel (i.e., salaries and benefits for faculty, staff and students)
  • Equipment, materials, and supplies
  • Travel only if directly related to the conduct of the research.
  • Other direct costs related to the project (must detail the expense and include rationale)


A. Direct Costs

  1. Alterations and renovations: Alterations and renovations of research facilities may not be charged to the grant.
  2. Cost overruns:  Funds may not be used to absorb cost overruns previously incurred by other projects or activities.
  3. Planning activity: Broad institutional planning activity is not considered to be directly related to the conduct of research and therefore may not be charged to the Morell Research Fund. Only those types of planning activities that are an integral part of the research project itself may be funded.
  4. Salaries: Salaries or wages, unless directly related to the proposed biomedical or health-related research, are not allowable. Only under exceptional circumstances will support for salaries for faculty and scientists of equivalent rank be permitted.
  5. Travel: Use of funds for travel expenses is not allowed unless the travel is directly and solely related to the conduct of health-related research as described in the application. Explain the nature of the travel expenses and their relation to the project. Identify individuals for whom travel funds are requested. Conference travel is not allowed.

B. Facilities and Administrative Costs: No costs normally treated as a facilities and administrative cost may be charged to the Morell Research Fund. No award for facilities and administrative costs will be provided by the fund.

In order to best conserve resources and serve the greatest number of faculty, all budget items require careful and detailed justification

Applications must meet the following standards:

  • Submitted as a single PDF file
  • Paper size no larger than standard letter (i.e., 8 ½” x 11”)
  • Margins of at least 0.5 inch (top, bottom, left and right)
  • Single-spaced
  • Eleven-point Arial font or larger
  • Smaller text in figures, graphs, diagrams and charts is acceptable as long as it is legible when the page is viewed at 100%

Application Form.  Each application must contain the following sections:

  1. Completed and signed Pilot Research Grant Application form.
  2. Research Plan (five pages, including tables and visuals but excluding references)
  3. Future Plans / Timetable (1 page)
  4. Literature Cited (2 page limit)
  5. Biosketches for all investigators (5 page limit each)

Within three months after the close of an award a final report is required. This report should be limited to two pages and should include the following:

  • The work accomplished;
  • The impact of the award;
  • Further funding or proposals that have resulted from this work; Any publications that have resulted or are expected. Funding from the Morell Dentistry Research Fund should be acknowledged in publications.

Please send the final report to the School of Dentistry Office of Research,

Awardees who do not submit a final report in a timely manner or who do not follow through with a grant application as described in the application, will not be eligible for new support for five years.

Applications must be submitted as a single .pdf file to by the application deadline. Applications do not need to be reviewed by the Office of Sponsored Programs. Receipt of materials will be acknowledged within one business day.  Application Form.

Please contact us with any questions regarding this pilot research grant or the application process.