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UW Dentistry Faculty Practice


Answers to Common Questions

Please call 206-543-7049 to request a copy or your records and or x-rays for a nominal fee.

Clinic Comparison Chart
Type of clinic

UW Dentistry

UW School of Dentistry

Faculty Practice 

Teaching Clinics

Specialty Clinics

How care is delivered Highly skilled, experienced faculty providers from the UW School of Dentistry deliver general and specialty care. Dental students working toward their DDS degree, under close UW School of Dentistry faculty supervision, deliver care. Dentists studying an advanced specialty, under UW School of Dentistry faculty supervision, deliver care.
Time required for care The same time as a private dental office. Approximately two to three times longer than in a private dental office. Varies by procedure; generally, somewhat longer than in a private dental office, but not as long as a teaching clinic.
Fees charged Prices are competitive with local private dental practices. Approximately 30-40 percent less than private practice. Generally, less than private specialty practice.

The School of Dentistry cannot provide child care services for patients while they are receiving care. Children cannot be left unattended in the reception areas. Children are not allowed in any clinic treatment area if they are not the patient receiving care.

PLEASE NOTE: Pets are not allowed in the building, except for service animals.

If you’re driving to our clinic, you can park at hourly rates in the UW’s S-1 parking lot and garage on the south side of the Health Sciences Center or in the underground Triangle Parking Garage on Pacific Street. (See this map opens in a new window). Sorry, but we don’t validate parking. If possible, we encourage you instead to use convenient King County Metro bus service, which has multiple lines that stop in front of the UW Health Sciences Center. Another convenient option is Sound Transit’s Link light rail system, which has a UW station just across Montlake Boulevard from the Health Sciences Center.

UW Dentistry is committed to providing exceptional care. We realize that emergencies or unavoidable scheduling conflicts may arise. Unfortunately, when one patient cancels without giving enough notice, another patient may lose an opportunity to receive care.

Please call us at 206-685-8258 24 hours before your scheduled appointment to notify us of appointment cancellations or changes. To cancel a Monday appointment, please call our office by 2 p.m. Friday.

If you miss an appointment or do not cancel within 24 hours, we may charge you a no-show fee. Please note that chronic lateness to appointments or more than two no-show appointments may be cause for discontinuing your care.

Thank you for being a valued patient.