Admissions Procedures

Please follow these instructions carefully. Sending application materials to the wrong address will delay the processing of your application.


Graduate Prosthodontics Program Application Procedures

Option A: Submit an ADEA MATCH and PASS Application

If you have already started the paper application we will still accept your paper application (see details below for Option B)

  • All applicants must register with the National Matching Services (Match) for consideration in the class beginning Summer Quarter, June of 2019.
  • As of June 19th our program is also taking applications via ADEA PASS
    • When you submit your application with PASS then the only additional items you will have to submit directly to the program are the:
      • 1) Questionnaire
      • 2) Departmental Fee:  $50 USD, payable by check or money order to “UW Restorative Dentistry.” Please make sure to include your name.
      • These two additional requirements are to be mailed directly to the Program Coordinator


Option B: Submit a Paper Application

The following materials are required and they must be received by the Graduate Prosthodontics Program Coordinator if you are submitting a paper application. Required materials are to be received by the August 17th deadline:

  • All applicants must register with the National Matching Services (Match) for consideration in the class beginning Summer Quarter, June of 2019.
  • Class Standing of Applicants for Admission to Postdoctoral Training Programs. Please sign the release statement on the back and forward the form to your Dean of Academic Affairs to complete. This must be sent in a sealed and signed envelope.
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Departmental Application Fee:  $50 USD, payable by check or money order to UW Restorative Dentistry.
  • Personal Statement – explaining why you want to pursue a career in Prosthodontics.
  • Questionnaire to Applicants for Postdoctoral Training.
  • Three Evaluation of Applicants for Admission to Postdoctoral Training Program – please ask the three professional references listed on the Evaluation of Applicant to complete and send in a sealed and signed envelope. 
  • TOEFL Scores –  TOEFL examination can be taken onlineFor admissions consideration, a minimum score of 92 on iBT is required by the Graduate Prosthodontic Program Selection Committee.
    • Note: The Graduate School is phasing out the usage of IELTS and this exam is no longer accepted as of May 31, 2017.  All applicants whose native language is not English and who have not received a bachelor’s or master’s degree from an accredited U.S. institution must submit a valid official TOEFL score.
  • Waiver Form


Optional Application Material

  • The following materials are not required, but accepted:
    • Exam scores: Advanced Dental Admission Test (ADAT), Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) and National Board Dental Examinations (NBDE)
    • Letters of recommendations – Additional letters may be submitted and included with the Evaluation of Applicant forms


Shortly after the August 17th application deadline, the Selection Committee reviews all complete applications and ranks the candidates. The top ten finalists are invited to come to the University of Washington for a personal interview. All finalists will be asked to take a two-day examination consisting of clinical, didactic and laboratory procedures in addition to their interview. Specific instructions will be provided as to the exact nature of this examination when the applicants are notified of their final status.

  • After interviews, each applicant will need to submit their ranking on the MATCH website between October 29, 2018 and November 15, 2018. The Prosthodontics Program will also rank the applicants interviewed. Three applicants are selected each year. MATCH results are released on November 28, 2018.


Graduate School Admission Procedures (step 2)

Once an offer of admission has been made, you will have to apply to the Graduate School – Graduate Enrollment Management Services (GEMS). 

  • Further details will be given when admission acceptance is offered.



Tuition Information by Year for 2018-2019
Year In-State Resident Tuition Out of State/International Tuition
1st Year $25,136 $43,680
2nd Year $25,136 $43,680
3rd Year $14,604 $26,808

*Tuition fees based on credit hours and subject to change on an annual basis.
Plus additional $2,000 clinic fee ($500 per quarter)

Residency Requirements

Information regarding Washington State Residency requirements and classification, please visit the residency classification website.