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Graduate Prosthodontics Program

Observational Externship

Program Information

Please send application materials electronically (in PDF format) to:

Observational Externship Application (PDF)

The Graduate Prosthodontics observational externship is a non-credited externship program within the University of Washington, Department of Restorative Dentistry. It is designed to allow the extern to develop an in-depth appreciation and understanding of an advanced prosthodontics curriculum. The extern will participate in academic courses, review of the scientific literature, and intense observation of many different clinical procedures within the Graduate Prosthodontics Clinic. Externships are as short as one week or as long as six months.*

While this program does not involve the direct hands-on treatment of patients, the extern will have the opportunity to observe our broad spectrum of prosthodontic and implant related procedures. They will also have the opportunity to interact with the other graduate programs that we interrelate with closely, including Graduate Periodontics, Graduate Endodontics, and Graduate Orthodontics. The University of Washington has a world renowned faculty, in both the arenas of clinical and research, within each facet of dentistry.

Common procedures within the Graduate Prosthodontic Clinic include advanced diagnosis and treatment planning, the fabrication of removable complete and partial dentures, crowns, implant supported restorations, complete mouth rehabilitation and esthetic procedures. Externs will have the opportunity to observe complex cases in all phases of diagnosis, treatment planning and execution. Externs will also have the opportunity to participate in hands-on lab courses.

This program is available for variable durations decided after consultation with the director of Graduate Prosthodontics as to the applicants’ goals.

*Please be aware that we are unable to obtain or sponsor Visas for international applicants at this time.  The applicant will be responsible for obtaining their own Visa. However, if you have an academic appointment at an educational institution that can sponsor you, our Visiting Scholars Program with a focus on the Graduate Prosthodontics program may be a better fit.

Fee Structure

Fees are structured to include quarter break(s). This program does not qualify for student loans.

Fee structure for observational externship
Time Amount
One week $2,000
Two weeks $3,500
Four weeks $5,000
Eight weeks $6,400
One Quarter $8,000
Six Months (2 Qtrs) $16,000

Course Descriptions

These are a few of the courses available for the extern to sit in on. These courses are approved in the School of Dentistry and are requirements in the Graduate Prosthodontics Program.

Course descriptions
Course Content
ORAL M 580 Radiology The goal of this course is to teach the students the finer points of reading radiologic films with an eye to the treatment of advanced or unique problems.
ORAL B 574 Clinical Stomatology Update and review of diseases of the oral cavity and jaw, with emphasis on recognition and diagnosis of the clinical lesion. Clinical cases discussed and student presentations supplement faculty lectures.
ORTHO 580 Functional Cranial Anatomy Lecture and laboratory centered around the dissection of the head and neck with didactic emphasis on functional anatomy and clinical applications.
PERIO 582 Periodontic Treatment Planning Seminar Weekly seminar involved with the presentation, discussion, and tentative solution of moderate to complex problems in diagnosis and treatment.
PERIO 585 Periodontal Therapy Seminar Weekly seminar utilizing the case review method and dealing with the treatment of moderate to advanced periodontal disease.
PERIO 586 Longitudinal Evaluation of Periodontal Therapy Close examination of case progress from initial therapy to most recent maintenance visits to determine efficacy of method, demands upon patient, and temporal effect of therapy and survival.
PROS 560 Complete Dentures Lecture/seminar devoted to the diagnosis and treatment of the completely edentulous patient and the immediate denture patient, with emphasis on management of patients with difficulties in treatment. Implant supported and retained prostheses for the edentulous patient will also be emphasized.
PROS 572 Special Topics Related to Prosthodontics A lecture/seminar course dealing with subjects which have a bearing on the comprehensive treatment of maxillofacial and regular prosthodontic patients. Topics included are surgery, speech, orthodontics, psychology, gerontology, and sociology.
RESD 570 Review of Literature Seminar (Restorative) Continuous weekly seminar devoted to the review of prosthodontics and related literature.
RESD 580 Restorative Treatment Planning Seminar A continuous weekly seminar to discuss controversial treatment problems and difficult diagnostic cases.
RESD 585 Prosthodontic Dental Materials. Study of commonly used materials in the fabrication of dental appliances. Emphasis on resin systems and various precious and base-metal alloys.
RESD 588 Masticatory Functional Analysis and Occlusal Adjustment A lecture clinic and lab course on the fundamentals of functional occlusal analysis and occlusal adjustment by selective grinding and tooth movement. The course is offered in Autumn Quarter to first year Periodontic, Prosthodontic and Orthodontic graduate students.
RESD 589 Review of Literature in Occlusion This course is the second quarter in Occlusion for graduate students. The course is designed to familiarize the student with pertinent related topics and prominent concepts in the field of occlusion. It provides the background knowledge needed by the practitioner involved in the management of patients with problems related to occlusion.
RESD 590 Fundamentals of Fixed Prosthodontics A weekly seminar/laboratory course in the techniques of cast restorations. Preparations, impressions, models, dies, waxing, casting, veneering, staining, and soldering will be covered.
PROS 660 Clinical Prosthodontics Clinical experience in diagnosis and treatment of periodontal disease

Application and Selection Process

If you have an academic appointment at an educational institution that can sponsor you, please read the page on our Visiting Scholars Program to see if you qualify.

A letter of interest or email correspondence from the applicant is sufficient in order to initiate the application process. Once the Coordinator or Director has verified that there is a space available, please fill out the application (link to the application form) and follow the directions for submission on the application.  The Director of the Graduate Prosthodontics Program will review the letters of interest. The observational externship can be customized based on the goals of the attendee.

This is an elective non-credit program with no formal language proficiency requirement; however, the externship applicant should have a working knowledge of English. After application materials have been received and reviewed, a phone interview with the Program Director will be required before admittance in order to assess language proficiency. The interview will confirm the dates of attendance requested by the applicant, and will clarify the applicant’s goals and expectations for the observational externship during their visit to the University of Washington.*

Once the application has been approved or denied, the Director of the Graduate Prosthodontics program will send the applicant a formal approval or denial letter for the Observational Externship.

*Please be aware that we are unable to obtain or sponsor Visas for international applicants at this time.  The applicant will be responsible for obtaining their own Visa. However, if you have an academic appointment at an educational institution that can sponsor you, our Visiting Scholars Program with a focus on the Graduate Prosthodontics program may be a better fit.