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Applicants interested in the RIDE program must first apply to the UWSOD through the standard admissions process. The UWSOD typically receives over 1000 applications per year. The entering class size is 63.

Applicants interested in the RIDE program, who are invited to interview with University of Washington School of Dentistry, will be asked to attend a special information session during their visit.

Application Timeline for UWSOD & RIDE Admission

Application process timeline
Date Activity
June Dental School begins receiving applications from AADSAS for the entering class. See AADSAS website at We strongly encourage applicants to apply as early in the cycle as possible.
September to January In lieu of an in person interview, selected candidates will be asked to participate in a virtual assessment through KIRA Talent.
November 1 Final date to take the DAT. Scores received after this date will not be considered until the next admissions cycle.
November 1 9:00 P.M. PST Deadline for applications to AADSAS. Applications received by AADSAS after this date will not be considered for the current admissions cycle.
December 15 – Spring We will notify accepted applicants beginning December 15 and will continue until the class has filled.
May/June All coursework and prerequisite requirements must be completed by the end of spring quarter prior to matriculation.