Oral Pathology


Q: I have a question about my billing statement.

A: Contact our billing department for questions regarding billing at (206) 616-1359.

Q: Why didn’t I receive a pathology report?

A: If you are a patient, contact your oral surgeon to discuss results. We send the pathology report to the clinics that send us the specimen when the report is finalized. If you are a clinic and haven’t received the pathology report, call us at (206) 543-4440.

Q: Why is there a restriction on IMF?

A: IMF is synthetically hand-made at the UW lab; NOT mass-produced. Each bottle is expensive, time-consuming to make, and expires in under a year. We restrict the amount we send out and verify that they will be used to ensure that our resources are not depleted.

Q: When do I use IMF?

A: If you are a clinic and have any questions about when to use IMF, please contact Dr. Oda at (206) 616-4748 or doda@uw.edu.

Q: There is a precipitate at the bottom of the formalin/IMF bottle. Can I still use it?

A: DO NOT use any bottle with a precipitate in or at the bottom of the bottle. This will ruin the specimen and make an examination impossible. Only use bottles before their expiration date.

Q: My formalin/IMF bottles have expired. How do I dispose of them?

A: Ship the bottle back to us along with a note stating to dispose of the bottle. We recommend keeping track of how many bottles you typically use to avoid over ordering.