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Community Health Professions Academy

Pre-dental Students Volunteer

Empowering Youth for Health Careers

High School Students Wax TeethEmpowering Youth for Health Careers (EYHC) are one-day events coordinated and supported by this office that aim to assist high school students across Washington State explore their interest in the health careers. As part of EYHC students are provided with the opportunity to engage in hands-on activities, student-panels, a health career-fair, as well as professional networking opportunities.

This interprofessional collaboration brings together UW Health Sciences students, alumni, faculty, staff, AmeriCorps members, community organizations, and countless volunteers to provide encouragement and educational resources to students who otherwise would not have this opportunity.

If you represent a school or community group in Washington State that is interested in bringing this program to your community please contact us at

Summer Health Profession Education Program (SHPEP)

The Summer Health Profession Education Program (, formerly known as Summer Medical Dental Education Program, is a 6-week national summer enrichment program aimed towards undergraduate students of underrepresented backgrounds interested in careers in healthcare. With 13 sites across the United States, including the University of Washington, SHPEP prepares students for application and matriculation to professional school through academic enrichment, clinical experience, and other activities to promote personal development.

The University of Washington School of Dentistry partners with the School of Medicine and School of Public Health SHPEP here at the University of Washington, which is held during the summer months of June and July.

Additional information about SHPEP at the University of Washington

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