Department of Periodontics

Faculty Directory

Sandra Bordin

Sandra Bordin, PhD

Research Professor Emeritus, Periodontics
Adjunct Research Professor Emeritus, Oral Health Sciences


Research Interests

Regeneration and repair of oral human connective tissue

Theresa Cheng Borin

Theresa Cheng Borin,

Clinical Assistant Professor, Periodontics

Bobby Butler

Bobby Butler,

Clinical Assistant Professor

Richard Darveau

Richard Darveau, MS, PhD

Professor, Periodontics
Professor, Oral Health Sciences

Research Interests

Bacteria/host interactions, LPS biochemistry, Host inflammatory response.

Diane M. Daubert

Diane M. Daubert,

Clinical Associate Professor, Periodontics

Caroline Herron

Caroline Herron,

Clinical Associate Professor, Periodontics

Yung-Ting (Lizzy) Hsu

Yung-Ting (Lizzy) Hsu,

Clinical Assistant Professor, Periodontics

Jeffrey Scott McLean

Jeffrey Scott McLean, PhD

Associate Professor, Periodontics

Research Interests

Developing innovative methodologies, tools and new genomic based approaches to study microbial interactions within oral biofilm communities.

G. Rutger Persson

G. Rutger Persson, DDS, OdontD

Research Professor Emeritus, Periodontics

Frank Roberts

Frank Roberts, DDS, PhD

Associate Professor and Acting Chair, Periodontics
Adjunct Associate Professor, Oral Health Sciences

Research Interests


Paul B. Robertson

Paul B. Robertson, DDS, MS

Professor Emeritus, Periodontics
Dean Emeritus, School of Dentistry

Murray R. Robinovitch

Murray R. Robinovitch, DDS, PhD

Professor Emeritus, Periodontics

Luciana Safioti

Luciana Safioti,

Clinical Assistant Professor, Periodontics

I-Chung (Johnny) Wang

I-Chung (Johnny) Wang, DDS, MPH, MS

Acting Director, Graduate Periodontics
Clinical Associate Professor, Periodontics

Research Interests

Quantifying the effects of systemic health on periodontal status and the clinical outcomes of immediate and delayed implant placement and loading

Affiliate, Adjunct and Visiting Faculty

  • Peter Agnos, Affiliate Associate Professor
  • Ken M. Akimoto, Affiliate Assistant Professor
  • Charles R Anderegg, Affiliate Assistant Professor
  • William Becker, Affiliate Professor
  • Jeanne L. Bertino, Affiliate Instructor
  • Amr Bokhari, Affiliate Instructor
  • Lisa Bilich, Affiliate Professor
  • Lakshmi Boyapati, Affiliate Assistant Professor
  • Hua Allen Chen, Affiliate Associate Professor
  • Grace Choi Nelson, Affiliate in Medical/Dental Practice
  • Michael Cohen, Affiliate Assistant Professor
  • Diana Cristea, Affiliate Associate Professor
  • William H. Dahlberg, Affiliate Professor
  • Amir Emam, Affiliate Instructor
  • L David Engel, Affiliate Professor
  • Thomas D. Faber, Affiliate Associate Professor
  • Daniel S. Friedman, Affiliate Associate Professor
  • Robin Luke, Affiliate in Medical/Dental Practice
  • Tuuli Haigh, Affiliate in Medical/Dental Practice
  • Philipe Hujoel, Adjunct Professor
  • Sarah Jackson, Affiliate in Medical/Dental Practice
  • Jim Janakievski, Affiliate Assistant Professor
  • Ellie Javadi, Affiliate Assistant Professor
  • Jeffrey P. Kanter, Affiliate Assistant Professor
  • Walter W. Kegel, Affiliate Professor
  • Alex Ko, Affiliate Instructor
  • Mei-Hsuan Ko, Affiliate Assistant Professor
  • Linda K. Konishi, Affiliate in Medical/Dental Practice
  • Michelle Lee, Affiliate Assistant Professor
  • Vikram Likhari,  Affiliate Associate Professor
  • Danette Lindeman, Affiliate in Medical/Dental Practice
  • Er-Jia Mao, Affiliate Associate Professor
  • Toyohiko Matsumoto, Affiliate Professor
  • Byron S. Mizuha, Affiliate Associate Professor
  • Gerrarda O’Beirne, Affiliate Assistant Professor
  • John Park, Affiliate Instructor
  • Martin Rabin, Affiliate Associate Professor
  • Jansen Richins, Affiliate Assistant Professor
  • Ralf F. Schuler, Affiliate Associate Professor
  • Herbert Selipsky, Affiliate Professor
  • Arundhati Sengupta,  Affiliate Instructor
  • Dennis H. Smith, Affiliate Professor
  • Erika Smith-Macdonald, Affiliate Assistant Professor
  • Martha Somerman, Affiliate Professor
  • Huan Todd Su, Affiliate Instructor
  • Kevin Ray Suzuki, Affiliate Instructor
  • Jessica Swoboda, Affiliate Assistant Professor
  • Simone Verardi, Affiliate Associate Professor
  • Cheryl Winter (Townsend), Affiliate Assistant Professor
  • David Zhu, Affiliate Instructor