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Graduate Program

Observational Externship and Fellowship


The graduate periodontics observational externship (short-term visitor) and Fellowship programs are non-credited programs* within the University of Washington, Department of Periodontics. These programs are designed to allow the participant to develop an in-depth appreciation and understanding of an advanced periodontics curriculum. The extern/fellow will participate in academic courses, review of the scientific literature, and intense observation of many different clinical procedures within the graduate periodontics clinic.

While this program does not involve the direct hands-on treatment of patients, the extern will have the opportunity of observing our broad spectrum of periodontal and implant related surgical procedures. They will also have the opportunity to interact with the other graduate programs that we interrelate with closely, including our graduate prosthodontics, endodontics, orthodontics and pediatric programs. University of Washington has world renowned faculty in both clinical and research arenas within each facet of dentistry. Those participating in a one-year fellowship will also have the opportunity to participate in the Summer Institute in Dental and Craniofacial Clinical Research Methods.

Clinical procedures performed daily within the graduate periodontal clinic include periodontal osseous surgery, muco-gingival and esthetic soft tissue grafting, pre-prosthetic or site development procedures (e.g. onlay grafting, ridge expansions, ridge preservation, and sinus grafting), implant placement and therapy, and advanced diagnosis and treatment planning. Implant diagnostic (imaging) procedures including the procurement and reading of CBVT digital scans as well as guided implant surgical cases are also common. With each case, there is interaction with multiple team members including general dentists, dental or graduate students, or staff faculty from various departments (Orthodontic, OMFS, Pediatrics and Prosthodontics).

*Please be aware that we are unable to obtain or sponsor Visas for international applicants for our short-term observational externship at this time. The applicant will be responsible for obtaining their own Visa. However, if you have an academic appointment at an educational institution that can sponsor you, our Visiting Scholars Program with a focus on the Graduate Periodontics program may be a more appropriate selection.

Fee Structure

Fees are subject to change without notice

Fee structure for observational externship
Time Amount
One week $2,000
Two weeks $3,500
Four weeks $5,000
One Quarter $12,500
One Year (4 Qtrs) $44,000

Course Descriptions

These courses are approved in the School of Dentistry and are requirements in the Graduate Periodontics Program. They represent the type of courses offered in the Graduate Periodontics Observational Externship (subject to change depending on academic calendar).

Course descriptions
Course Content
ORTHO 582 Adult Orthodontics Seminar Seminar for orthodontics, periodontics, and prosthodontics graduate students in comprehensive, integrated diagnosis and treatment planning of the dental problems of the adult patient. Offered: AWSpS.
PERIO 577 Review of Literature Concise review of the scientific periodontal literature with specific focus on studies of periodontal diagnosis, wound healing, periodontal regeneration, microbiology, and implant procedures. Offered: AWSpS.
PERIO 578 Implant Literature Review Reviews several topics related to dental implantology such as: history of dental implants, osseointegration, properties of materials, bone healing, bone augmentation procedures, success rates, pathogenesis of implant failures, and aesthetics in implantology. Discusses the relationship between surgical and restorative treatment phases. CR/NC only. Offered: AWSp.
PERIO 582 Periodontic Treatment Planning Seminar Weekly seminar involved with the presentation, discussion, and tentative solution of moderate to complex problems in diagnosis and treatment. Offered: AWSpS.
PERIO 585 Periodontal Therapy Seminar Weekly seminar utilizing the case review method and dealing with the treatment of moderate to advanced periodontal disease. Offered: AWSpS.
PERIO 586 Longitudinal Evaluation of Periodontal Therapy Close examination of case progress from initial therapy to most recent maintenance visits to determine efficacy of method, demands upon patient, and temporal effect of therapy and survival.. Offered: AWSp.
PERIO 600 Independent Study or Research Prerequisite: permission of graduate program adviser.
PERIO 660 Clinical Periodontics Clinical experience in diagnosis and treatment of periodontal disease
PERIO 665 Clinical Practice Teaching Supervised experience in teaching clinical periodontics to undergraduate dental students.

Application and Selection Process

Please send applications and required documentation to the email below for the Director of the Graduate Periodontics Program and/or the selection ad hoc committee to review. The observational externship can be customized (i.e. length/scope of the externship) based on the goals of the attendee.

Applicants will be selected based on program availability. This externship is currently designed and intended for admission of no more than 1-2 externs at a given time. Applicants need to have a current dental license in the state or country of their residence. A proof of active licensure needs to be provided with the application. If the proof is in a foreign language, a translated and certified copy must be submitted with the initial application.

This is an elective non-credit program with no formal language proficiency requirement; however, the externship applicant should have an extensive working knowledge of English. After application materials have been received and reviewed, a phone interview with the Program Director, or designated selection committee member, will be required before admittance in order to assess language proficiency. The interview will confirm the dates of attendance requested by the applicant, and will clarify the applicant’s goals and expectations for the observational externship during their visit to the University of Washington.

Periodontics Observational Externship Application (PDF)

All application materials must be submitted (electronically in pdf format) to:

Department of Periodontics
Angela Choi

Once the application has been received, the Department of Periodontics will send the applicant a formal approval or denial letter for the Observational Externship.