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Applicants interested in the RIDE program should apply to the UWSOD in the usual manner. The UWSOD receives more than 1,000 applications for 63 total available dental student slots. Upon review of all applications to the UWSOD a subset of all applicants will receive a secondary UWSOD application form. This secondary form contains a section where the applicant chooses either the UWSOD Seattle track or the UWSOD RIDE track. In addition to completing a secondary application, applicants committed to the RIDE track must complete a RIDE application in order to be considered for RIDE. The RIDE application will be available to all who receive a message to complete a secondary application. Please understand that not everyone receiving the secondary application form will be invited for an interview.

NOTE: All those who intend to apply must be familiar with the RIDE program prior to completing the application process.  Applicants choose either the UWSOD Seattle track or the UWSOD RIDE Program track, and the UWSOD will take the student’s choice into consideration for placement. 

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PRE-DENTAL STUDENTS may be interested in reading the article on the RIDE program in the Winter ’07 UW Pre-Dental Society newsletter.

Application Timeline for UWSOD & RIDE Admission

June Associated American Dental Schools Application Service (AADSAS) begins receiving and processing applications. See AADSAS website at www.adea.org.
Dental School begins secondary application process with select candidates only. These secondary applications include a section to indicate whether the applicant wants to be considered for RIDE placement. Applications should be completed as soon as possible.
From completed secondary applications, candidates are screened and selected for interviews. The interview day includes an informational meeting with a representative from the RIDE program.
October 31 Final date to take the DAT. You will not be considered until the next admissions cycle if this deadline is not met.
November 1 Deadline for applications to AADSAS. Applications received by AADSAS after this date will not be considered.
December 15 All secondary application materials must be submitted, including autumn transcripts. It is strongly recommended that secondary applications, including RIDE specific information, be returned earlier than this deadline.
Admissions Committee reviews completed applications, conducts interviews, and makes decisions. Notification of acceptance into the UWSOD is made by letter. Students who have indicated a preference for the RIDE program will be reviewed for RIDE placement AFTER they have been accepted into the UWSOD.