What our patients say about our care


“Extremely professional…well performed. The crown work was done efficiently and effectively. What gives me great confidence is the step-by-step monitoring of the work by the School of Dentistry faculty. The faculty member pays close attention to the restoration process and result, ensuring that the student knows the theory and the application in his or her work. As a result, not only do I get a better tooth, but also a knowledge base about my care that I wouldn’t get elsewhere.”
J.B., Seattle

“This is affordable, and it’s the best treatment you can have. The instructors are right there step by step. The chair is comfortable, the hygiene is perfect – and I really appreciate that. This is top quality for less money – how can you do better than that? It’s perfect for me.”
N.M., Seattle

“Very impressed… I really like the students’ positive attitude – it is contagious! I thought the care was very good, and that’s the main reason I keep coming back. I felt the work they did was exemplary. Extreme professionalism from the teachers. All the staff were extremely polite and courteous. The environment was extremely clean, and the prices were affordable.”
V.R.S., Seattle

“I highly urge people to go there. The treatment you get is superb. [The student clinician] is very meticulous. The teacher will talk to the student right in front of me, which I enjoy. It’s a tremendous learning experience for me. You’re going to go there, and you’re going to walk out and go ‘Wow.’ ”
L.L., Seattle

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