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New grant supports researcher training in UW-Kenya partnership

The Timothy A. DeRouen Center for Global Oral Health at the UW School of Dentistry has received a grant from the UW Global Innovation Fund to help train junior researchers in Kenya in skills to facilitate publishing their work.

The grant helps support a partnership between the UW and the University of Nairobi that goes back more than 25 years. In 2016, the DeRouen Center and the University of Nairobi launched an ambitious effort to combat the oral consequences of the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) among Kenya’s children. The Children’s Healthy Oral Management Project (CHOMP) also involved the UW Department of Global Health in an effort to train pediatric dentists, community oral health officers, and nurses to screen and treat children’s HIV-related oral issues.

The new funding will go to train junior Kenyan researchers to publish their research work by implementing a curricular program in manuscript writing. The grant will also provide support for journal submission fees. The goal is to enhance representation in scholarly journals and boost opportunities for collaborative publication among the Kenyan trainees.

The Global Innovation Fund distributes awards through the UW Office of Global Affairs. The awards support research collaborations that advance interdisciplinary efforts around the world.