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Health and Safety


The University of Washington has established 12 Organizational Health & Safety Committees. Each of the organizational unit committees look at the accident / incident reports pertinent to their areas for evaluation and resolution of any on-going issues. Elections are held every two years. More information can be found on the EHS Workplace safety website.

The School of Dentistry is part of Group 4 Health & Safety Committee which represents all Health Sciences Schools and Centers. The School’s appointed Health & Safety Director attends these committee meetings along with the School’s elected committee member and the School’s Health & Safety Manager.

The School of Dentistry has its own Health & Safety Committee charged with providing oversight and assisting in implementing the School’s Health and Safety Program. The School of Dentistry also has a Health & Safety Inspection Committee made up of representatives from each clinic. The Inspection Committee is charged with carrying out clinic inspections on a monthly basis to ensure a safe and efficient work environment. The Inspection Committee members also serve as a resource for other staff and to promote safe work practices.