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General Compliance Policies

SOD Compliance Training Policy

To succeed in our mission to generate, disseminate, and preserve knowledge and to serve the region, it is imperative that we provide the highest levels of instruction, research, public service, patient care, and training in a safe and secure environment for all School of Dentistry students, staff, faculty, faculty affiliates, and volunteers. Additionally, we are required by law to train on certain topics. In order to further our mission and comply with the law, all members of the School of Dentistry must regularly update their knowledge and skills through required training.

Training Policy Purpose

The purpose of establishing this training policy is to ensure that all members of the School of Dentistry are aware of the importance of training and the practices that will enable us to maintain the highest level of instruction, patient care, safety, and compliance at the School of Dentistry.


This policy applies to all members of the School of Dentistry including students, staff, faculty, affiliates with an academic appointment, externs, and volunteers who are either physically present on any of our campuses and affiliated sites or who work remotely to teach, learn, work, or who provide any other service to the School of Dentistry.

Training Requirement

All members of the School of Dentistry must complete training according to the role and functions they perform. All required training is assigned and tracked through the School’s Learning Management Software program, Relias.


Each unit/department is responsible for notifying the School of Dentistry Information Technology team ( of the user category required for each unit/department member. Once a user category has been assigned, the Relias system will automatically notify the unit/department member of their required trainings and the due dates.

All unit/department members must complete their training by the due date assigned in Relias. Units must provide the time during the member’s shift and the resources necessary (e.g. computer station for online training, assistance with signing-on if needed, etc.) to complete training.

Failure to complete trainings may result in corrective action, up to, and including termination.

Associate Deans, Assistant Deans, and Department Chairs must provide the Dean with a monthly report of their unit/department training compliance status (i.e., the number of their members who are not up to date).

For units having trouble reaching 100% compliance, a recommended strategy is to designate the last month in each academic quarter as a “Training Emphasis Month.” During the Training Emphasis Month, units should emphasize the importance of being in compliance and remind all members to complete all trainings that are overdue before the end of the month.

Last Updated 03/07/2023