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General Compliance Policies

Donated Supply Billing Policy

Subject: Donated Supply Billing

Policy Policy Number: FIN0302

Effective Date: January 1, 2009 Revision Dates: December 10, 2008; August 13, 2012


In keeping with regulatory requirements, The School of Dentistry will not bill patients or payers for the value of donated hardware or materials that remain in the body. The School of Dentistry establishes patient fees based upon time, hardware/materials and laboratory expenses. Hardware/material expenses, if those items are donated, will not be charged as part of the patient fee when the hardware/material remains in the body. Examples of hardware/material remaining in the body include, but are not limited to, implants and restorative material such as composite. Departments and/or Clinics will implement procedures to account for the value of donated hardware/materials and to ensure patient fees do not include the value of donated hardware/materials that remain in the body. Departments and/or Clinics will determine utilization of donated hardware/materials based on the appropriateness of each clinical case and the availability of donated hardware/materials on-hand.

This policy does not apply to shared costs such as film, burs, floss or toothpaste. The School will monitor the effectiveness of this procedure through regular documentation audits.

See School’s Gift and Donation Guidelines

Dean of UW SOD:

Jean Garber, Assistant Dean, Finance & Administration

January 14, 2009