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HIPAA Training

Register for HIPAA Training

Duties of the designated HIPAA contact person for each department

The department contact works with the SOD Training Coordinator to:

  • Provide the Training Coordinator with required information (see #3 below).
  • Remind trainees to complete training if needed.
  • Notify IT department of HIPAA training completion if also requesting axiUm access (see #6).

HIPAA compliance is a federal legal requirement and UW policy; individuals will be considered noncompliant if they have not done the training within 30 days of the hire/start date and access to patient information/clinics will then be denied.

Determining HIPAA training needs

To determine who is required to take HIPAA, please refer to the chart “Who Needs HIPAA Training?” HIPAA-related forms are on the SoD webpage under the Programs tab, Compliance, HIPAA Training.

Volunteer Training

Volunteers take their HIPAA training via the UW SOD Learning Management System. Register them as you would any other employee, using the SODIT help desk form. Indicate whether their duties will be clinical or non-clinical.

Crediting previous HIPAA Training taken by workforce members

HIPAA training completed at the following UW affiliated institutions transfers to the SOD:

  • UW Medical Center (UWMC)
  • Harborview Medical Center (HMC)
  • Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center (Fred Hutch)
  • University of Washington Physicians (UWP)
  • UW Physicians Network (UWPN)
  • Training completed at other outside organizations will be considered according to these rules regarding prior HIPAA training.

Requesting HIPAA training

HIPAA training is assigned like any other training in the SOD Learning Management System. Hiring managers should complete the SODIT form for new employees and send it to the Help Desk for activation. The employee’s training will be assigned automatically within the learning management system based on their role.

HIPAA Records Requests

Faculty, Staff and Students can print out copies of their own HIPAA (and other) proof of completions via the learning management system.