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HIPAA Training

Acceptance of Prior HIPAA Training

Subject:                                   Fact Sheet: Assessment of Prior HIPAA Training
Effective Date:                       2/18/2009
Last Review Date:                 12/5/2023

Affiliate Faculty Members

School of Dentistry departments have the option to provide proof of comparable HIPAA training for affiliate faculty members with <50% FTE instead of asking these faculty members to complete the SOD online HIPAA training.

Process for submitting prior HIPAA training:

  1. The home department determines if its affiliate will submit proof of prior training instead of completing online
  2. The department sends a copy of the  HIPAA Training Certification (PDF) to the Director of Compliance
    • The Director of Compliance decides whether or not prior training is accepted based on length of training, content and vendor/source.
    • UW HIPAA training is approximately one hour in length and the School does not consider accepting outside training which is less than one hour.
  1.  If the department does not obtain proof of prior training from its affiliate within one week of hire date:
    • Department contact informs the affiliate that online training must be completed within 30 days of hire date and prior to any exposure to UW SOD patients/patient information, in order to be in compliance with School of Dentistry Privacy requirements.

Other Staff & Faculty Members

Permanent staff and faculty members are generally required to take online HIPAA training, and proof of training from another organization is not accepted. Some individuals are not required to complete HIPAA training by nature of their role. For certain individuals, comparable training completed at another organization may be sufficient. Please see “Who Needs HIPAA Training?”