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Compliance Program

Education and Training

Approval/Effective Date: 3/26/2012
Last Reviewed: 04/27/2015

Policy: University of Washington School of Dentistry faculty, staff and students will be provided with regular, effective education on the School of Dentistry Compliance Program and will be trained to understand their responsibility for maintaining compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. Each faculty member, staff or student will receive appropriate training for his or her role in the organization. All training materials will be developed and/or selected and approved by the School of Dentistry Compliance Director. Documentation of compliance training provided to each individual will be maintained.

Purpose: The purpose of this policy is to ensure that all University of Washington School of Dentistry faculty, staff and students understand the ethical and legal standards under which the School of Dentistry operates and to which they must adhere.

1. New Faculty, Staff and Student Training

a. General Compliance Training will be provided to all new faculty members, staff and students through an online module or paper packet within 30 days of hire/matriculation date.

b. The “Integrity at Work” Handbook will be provided to all new faculty members, staff and students by their department administrator or designee.

i) Each individual must receive a copy of the handbook and return a signed acknowledgment card within 30 days of hire/matriculation date.

ii) The signed acknowledgment card is maintained in the department’s personnel file for the individual.

c. Job-specific Compliance Training will be provided to employees as necessary to educate them on additional risk issues applicable to their role in the organization.

i) Job-specific training must be completed within 90 days of the employee’s hire date.

ii) If an existing employee’s job functions change due to a position change or transfer within the School of Dentistry, updated job-specific training (as applicable) must be completed within 60 days of the new position start date.

iii) Managers/supervisors are responsible for identifying and facilitating job-specific compliance training requirements in conjunction with the Compliance Director.

2. Annual Training

a. General Refresher Training

Each faculty member, staff and student will receive annual refresher training on the School of Dentistry Compliance Program as well as other General Compliance and HIPAA topics.

b. Annual Job-Specific Compliance Training

In addition to general refresher training, employees involved in the billing process or in business activities which may be subject to fraud and abuse risks will be provided with training as necessary to maintain their knowledge of current rules in order to facilitate continued compliance with the applicable laws and regulations.

c. Training materials designed to meet the above annual training requirements will be developed and/or selected and approved by the Compliance Director.

3. Documentation

a. Documentation of training will consist of date, time, individual name and name of the training session attended or completed.

b. Documentation of completed training will be kept in individual personnel files or tracked by the School of Dentistry Compliance Department.

c. Copies of all training materials will be maintained by the School of Dentistry Compliance Department.