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Business Partners

What Our Business Partners Say

“Dentists are the heart of our dental business and important to ensuring our members get access to quality oral care. We are committed to supporting the University of Washington School of Dentistry and their students, who are the dental professionals of tomorrow.”
Paula Williams,  Senior Field Recruiter/Dental Networks, Guardian 

“UW School of Dentistry is a valued partner as we collaborate to develop a dental workforce committed to improving access and health equity. Through programs like Access to Baby & Child Dentistry (ABCD) , continuing dental education, grants, and scholarships, we are successfully working together to improve the oral and overall health of everyone in Washington, with no one left behind.”
Vanetta Abdellatif, President and CEO, Arcora Foundation

“Initiatives by the UW School of Dentistry are integral to supporting oral health, and in fact whole person health, throughout Washington state. Their focus on serving communities that would otherwise be without dental care, as well as exposing students to career opportunities in underserved populations is crucial. Washington Trust Bank is proud to be affiliated with the School of Dentistry and their Business Partner program.”
Leigh Sinni, Vice President Private Banking, Washington Trust Bank 

“At the Jewell Foundation we have focused on supporting medical care and research that provide the best results and expenditures for care for children with medical and oral health needs. We believe our support of the Department of Pediatric Dentistry at the UW School of Dentistry meets that criteria.”
 Peter Moore, President, Beverly J. Jewell Memorial Foundation

“As practicing dentists, we deal with members of the business community every single day. Let’s show our support for those who support the school and encourage all of our company reps and business colleagues to stand with us to ensure that the quality of dental education remains a priority in the state of Washington.”
Dr. Patty Rothwell, ’84 

“The UW School of Dentistry is the glue that holds the entire dental community together. The quality of dental education, whether for attracting and graduating the best students or the CE courses provided to the broader community are critical to our area’s reputation for world class dental care. The only question I can ask of those businesses who make a living supporting dentistry in the Pacific Northwest is—why would you not support our school?”
Dave Nakanishi/Nakanishi Dental Lab