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In Memoriam

Class of 1981 (Grad Pros)


Dr. GollDr. George Edmund Goll died in 2017. He was born in London, England in 1951 to Edmund and Halina Goll.

Dr. Goll’s father served in the Polish Army during World War II and immigrated to England in 1947 with Halina and their only child at the time, Hania. As a result, Dr. Goll grew up in a household filled with Polish influences, from language and participation in the Polish Boy Scouts to neighborhood bazaars and holiday celebrations. He had three siblings and maintained a close relationship with all of them throughout his life.

When it came time to choose a career, Dr. Goll decided to pursue dentistry and earned a place at University College Hospital London (UCH), where he excelled as a student. After completing his dental undergraduate degree in 1974, he was selected to become House Officer and then Senior House Officer at UCH, an 18-month internship that eventually fueled his desire to pursue a postgraduate master’s degree.

During this time, he maintained a real interest in athletics. He grew up cycling and racing with his father and brother in London-based clubs, ran the London Marathon and, upon entering university, started rowing competitively. He held a record at the prestigious Henley Royal Regatta for over 20 years and represented Great Britain’s national rowing squad in Europe.

In 1978, he left London to obtain a postgraduate degree at the School of Dentistry. While pursuing a master’s in prosthodontics, he met his wife, Rebecca, who was studying to become an endodontist. They married in 1981. He went on to start a successful private practice in downtown Seattle. He had a commitment to continuing education in his profession and was an active member of the Pacific Coast Society for Prosthodontics and the Washington State Society of Prosthodontists. He was also named a Diplomate of the American Board of Prosthodontics.

Dr. Goll’s greatest passion was always for family and friends. He had an active social life and liked to spend his leisure time cycling with local clubs in the Seattle area, riding motorbikes with his son and going on ski trips that took him all around the world. He had a thirst for adventure, something that stayed with him even when battling cancer toward the end of his life. His friends will remember him as somebody who was always quick with a joke and willing to lend a hand when needed.

Dr. Goll is survived by his children, Amanda, Emily and Spencer; siblings Hania, Grazyna and Andrew; nieces; and nephews. (Legacy)