Dr. Govin

Dr. Govin

Glenn Govin, DDS, MPH

Mailing Address
DECOD, Box 356370
Department of Oral Medicine
School of Dentistry
University of Washington
Seattle, WA 98195-6370

Phone: 206.543.4619

Lecturer-FT, Department of Oral Medicine


Dr. Glenn Govin graduated from Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas, earned his DDS at the University of Texas Dental School, San Antonio, Texas in 1985, and his MPH in Community Health Practice in 1992. Dr. Govin served the City of Houston, Department of Health and Human Services as Chief Dentist at the Sunnyside Health Center from 1985 – 1991, and as Chief Dentist at Center for the Retarded from 1991 – 1994. During that time Dr. Govin supervised the development, implementation , evaluation and coordination of dental programs and performed professional dental services.

From 1994 – 1999 Dr. Govin served as Staff Dentist at the Bering Dental Clinic in Houston, Texas. He performed general dental services at Houston’s largest HIV/AIDS direct care provider for the financially and medically indigent. During this time Dr. Govin assessed and treated oral manifestation of AIDS including Kaposi’s sarcoma, candidasis, lichen planus, hairy leukoplakia, HIV gingivitis and periodontitis, herpetic lesions, and other pathologies. Dr. Govin continually evaluated and implemented state of the art infection control measures.

In April of 1999 Dr. Govin accepted an appointment in the Department of Oral Medicine as a Lecturer in the Dental Care of persons with Disabilities program (DECOD), and in January 2000 Dr. Govin became Director of DECOD. He is currently a member of the Federation of Special care in dentistry.

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