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Mark Schubert, DDS, MSD

Mark Schubert

Director, Oral Medicine, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center
Professor, Oral Medicine
Associate Member, Clinical Research Division
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center

OM: 206-616-6013
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center: 206-288-1331

Box 356370

Clinical Expertise

Dr. Schubert has over 24 years of experience in the fields of oral medicine and oral oncology (i.e., oral complications of cancer and cancer therapy) and oral infectious diseases, including the oral manifestations and complications associated with HIV.

Education And Training

  • MSD, School of Dentistry, Oral Medicine, 1981.
  • Certificate, School of Dentistry, Oral Medicine, 1980.
  • DDS, University of Washington, Dentistry, 1974.

Research Interests

Current oncology research is focused on studies related to the prevention and management of oral mucositis associated with cancer therapy. Research has focused on topical anti-infectives (antibiotics and definsins), growth factors and cytokines (KGFs and IL-11), cytoprotective agents (benzydamine, amifostine), and low level lasers therapy. Additional research interests include management strategies for other oral complications of cancer therapy including salivary gland dysfunction, oral graft-versus-host disease in allogeneic hematopooeitic cell transplant recipients, and dental growth and development problems following hematopooeitic cell transplant.

Research focus in infectious disease is currently directed at determining intra oral tissues sites infected with human herpes virus 8.