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The Graduate Program in Oral Biology is concerned with the nature of the oral and craniofacial tissues and with the application of basic scientific knowledge to oral tissues in health and disease. The courses and research programs offered deal with the origin, growth and development, structure and functions of oral tissues, as well as with the etiology and pathogenesis of oral diseases and malfunctions. By its nature, oral biology overlaps the basic medical sciences and clinical dental sciences. Our research programs prepare one to contribute to the understanding of basic biologic processes and behavioral, biomedical and clinical aspects of oral health.

The primary mission of the Graduate Program in Oral Biology is to bridge the gap between the Basic Sciences and the clinical practice of Dentistry through excellence in research and in the education of dental scientists for academic and research positions of leadership. Recent advances in basic sciences, the human genome project, and the new recognition of multidisciplinary contributions to the understanding of oral health and disease processes and treatment, place this program in an excellent position to contribute to the national effort to establish the genomics and proteomics of oral and craniofacial health and disease, relate these findings to overall health, and translate these advances into improved dental care and oral health.

To address this mission the Oral Health Sciences faculty participate in the discovery and teaching of current concepts and molecular findings in oral cell and tissue structure, function, and development, oral pathology and oral diseases with genomic and/or microbial etiologies. The Graduate Program in Oral Biology offers the PhD program for the School of Dentistry and is committed to the education of dentists as well as non-dentists, who seek advanced research training and careers in dental academia and research.