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DDS Admissions

How To Apply

Answers to Common Questions

The University of Washington School of Dentistry (UWSOD) only accepts applications through the AADSAS portal on the ADEA website.

More information on Admissions Requirements.

Online applications are available in mid-May at the AADSAS website. The deadline for the AADSAS application is November 1st for each cycle. The deadline for the AADSAS application is November 1st 9:00 P.M. PST.

The UWSOD uses a rolling admissions process where the Admissions Committee makes decisions on a continual basis beginning on December 1 and ending on or about March 1. It is recommended that applicants apply and complete their files well before the November 1 deadline, although individual decisions are not based on the date the application was received.

View the Admissions timeline.

Submit DAT or Dental Admission Test scores to AADSAS. There are no exceptions to completing the DAT. Applicants must take the DAT prior to the due date of November 1st each year. Scores from a test after that date are not considered during the current cycle. Competitive DAT scores for entering students have averaged between 19 and 21 in recent years.

Official transcripts are only requested after a student has been admitted to the school. All transcripts should be sent to AADSAS, as part of your application.

More information on Admissions Requirements.

Three letters of recommendation should be sent to AADSAS, as part of your application. Please follow the instructions on the AADSAS website for proper submission guidelines. UWSOD highly values applicants who show a sustained commitment to community service. Competitive applicants should show a demonstrated effort towards increasing their knowledge of the dental profession, though shadowing and dental related experiences.

More information on Admissions Requirements.

A typical entering class is composed of 85-90% Washington residents and the remaining 10-15% primarily from WICHE states (Alaska, Arizona, Hawaii, Montana, New Mexico, North Dakota and Wyoming).

More information on Residency.

Applicants invited to interview will be assessed a $100 fee. UWSOD gives primary consideration to residents of Washington and WICHE states. The UWSOD invites select candidates (approximately 15% or 165-180) from the applicant pool for interviews.

Secondary applications: Unlike many dental schools, UWSOD no longer sends out secondary applications. Secondary application questions are now located within your primary AADSAS application.

The UWSOD typically receives over 1000 applications per year.  The entering class size is 63.

UW may not automatically or unreasonably deny an applicant’s admission or restrict access to campus residency based on an applicant’s criminal history.