Area, Costs & Housing

Staying in Seattle

Seattle Space NeedleThe summer weather is mild, temperatures averaging about 75°F (24°C) during the day with less than an inch of rain each month. Seattle is surrounded by splendid scenes of snow capped mountains, evergreen forests and sparkling water. The city is encompassed by the Cascade Mountains and Lake Washington on the east and the Olympic Mountains and Puget Sound on the west.


The cost for the Summer Institute varies based on current place of residence and World Bank income group for countries. Tuition is $1,000 for participants living in low-income countries, $1,500 for those in middle income countries, and $2,000 for those in high income countries. Fees for course materials and registration are an additional $100. Refer to the World Bank Country Classifications (PDF) for more information.  The tuition includes 128 CDE credits. If academic credit is requested, it can be arranged through the University of Washington Summer Quarter Office and additional costs will be incurred.  Textbooks and expenses for J-1 visa, if needed, are extra.

Participants are expected to arrange and pay for their own housing and other living expenses. Overall, the cost of staying in Seattle for the six-week program will range from $3200 to $5000 depending on the type of accommodation and meals you want.


Seattle homesThere are a number of options for housing:

Campus dormitory space is available to visitors. Call the Conference Housing Office at 206.616.1031, or fax at 206.543.4094. The Conference Housing Office will need to know the name of your departmental sponsor.

The Visiting Faculty Housing Service has a listing service for short and long-term rentals. You may request a Housing Wanted Form from our office and one of our staff will go to the Visiting Faculty Office to look for appropriate sublets and rentals. You may also look at UW Student Housing. In addition, several conveniently located hotels offer excellent rates for extended stays and there are many listings available through online short-term rentals such as AirBnB ( and VRBO (  If you have trouble finding a place you can stay in the dormitory for a few days while you check out the housing situation. Housing can be expensive. You should plan for at least $1500 for this expense.