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Department of Endodontics

Graduate Application


  • The deadline for the current application cycle is JUNE 15, 2024 for entry in the summer of 2025.
  • The Advanced Dental Admission Test (ADAT) is REQUIRED.

The Graduate School of the University of Washington is administratively responsible for all graduate study. To apply to the Graduate Endodontics Program, applicants must submit an application to the UW Graduate School as well as meet all requirements set forth by the Graduate School. You can find information on the Graduate School’s policies and procedures, along with a link to the on-line application, on their “Understanding the Admissions Process” webpage.

June 15th is the application deadline for admission into the Graduate Endodontics program for the following academic year, beginning in summer quarter.  The class scheduled to start in the summer of 2024 has already been selected.  Current applicants may only apply for entry in the summer of 2025.  Four students are admitted each cycle from among 60-100 applicants.

There are no stipends available. Applicants must be prepared to meet all expenses, including tuition of $28,832 per academic year or $7,208 per quarter for Washington State residents. Non-resident tuition is $48,576 per academic year or $12,144 per quarter. The cost of a clinical photographic setup is approximately $1000. Additionally, a course fee of $500 is charged each quarter to cover the cost of clinical equipment, instruments, and supplies.

Application Procedure

All application materials must be submitted to the appropriate University of Washington offices by June 15, to be considered for admission into the class beginning the following June. Late or incomplete applications will not be reviewed.

I. Application to the UW Graduate School

  • Online Application
    Using the link above, applicants may generate a profile and create an application to any program of their choice within the University of Washington Graduate School. New users will be prompted to choose a login name, password and application major.
  • Major and track: All applicants applying to the Graduate Program in Endodontics major should select the “MASTER OF SCIENCE IN DENTISTRY [ENDO -00-2-6]” track.  Although other tracks may appear, they are not currently being offered.
  • Entry date: The class beginning in summer of 2024 has already been selected. Current applicants may only apply for entry in the summer of 2025.
  • Third-year dental students: When listing schools attended, third year dental students should include their dental school and mark the completion date as their scheduled graduation year.
  • Editing and Submission: While logged-in, applicants may retrieve, edit, or add application materials, as well as check the status of certain application requirements including the receipt of letters of recommendation and receipt of official test scores. Once an application has been submitted, applicants may continue to check the status of their application or update personal contact information.  The Department of Endodontic faculty and the coordinator for the Graduate Program in Endodontics cannot review an application until it has been officially submitted and similarly, application materials received by email or mail cannot be marked as received until the application is accessible to the coordinator.

II. Application to the Graduate Endodontics Program

Please download:

  • Class Standing of Applicants (PDF) – Applicants should fill out the top portion of the first page, sign the authorization on the second page, and email or mail the entire form to Academic Affairs or the Dean’s Office of their dental school to be completed. The finished, original copy should be both mailed to the Department of Endodontics and emailed to A standard Dean’s Letter or a formal Institutional Evaluation are acceptable substitutions if they provide the information requested in the Class Standing of  Applicants form. Dental schools that do not rank their students or assign numeric grades are not expected to provide this information in the Institutional Evaluation form or Dean’s letter.
  • Departmental Application Form (PDF) – Applicants are encouraged to thoroughly complete this supplemental application form and upload it to their online application. In the instance of technical difficulties, often because of supplemental sheets or file size, applicants should email their completed Departmental Application Form to

III. Statement of Intent and Curriculum Vitae

  • Applicants should upload their Personal Statement or Statement of Intent and Curriculum Vitae to the online UW Graduate School application. If an applicant is unable to replace a previous version with a revised one, they may email the final version of their CV or personal statement, along with a brief explanation, to

IV. Letters of Recommendation

  • Three letters of recommendation: Applicants should submit contact information for at least three professional references on the online application. Selected references will then be notified by the UW Graduate School via an email which will direct them to a secure website where they may submit recommendations on an applicant’s behalf. If a letter writer is unable to successfully submit their recommendation letter through the online portal, the applicant should advise them to email their signed letter on official letterhead as an attachment to
  • Dean’s Letter: If a Dean or an Associate Dean writes a letter to supplement or substitute for the Class Standing Form, the letter will NOT count towards the three-letter requirement.

V. Transcripts

  • Official Transcripts – Dental: An applicant’s official transcripts may be mailed directly to the UW Department of Endodontics or emailed to from their dental school’s registrar or from another secure transcript service.
  • Unofficial Transcripts – Undergraduate: Unofficial undergraduate transcripts may be uploaded into the online application.  If the unofficial copy is difficult to read or too lengthy, applicants should consider sending an official copy instead.
  • International Transcripts: International applicants may upload, email or mail unofficial copies of foreign transcripts, but they should NOT send sealed, official foreign transcripts for any reason.  In addition to providing unofficial foreign transcripts, international applicants must also provide an official ECE (Educational Credential Evaluators®) course-by-course transcript.

VI. Application Fees

  • Departmental application fee: A departmental application fee of $50 is payable by check or money order and should be written out to UW Department of Endodontics.  Applicants may mail their departmental application fee along with other application materials or send it separately. An online payment option for this fee is unavailable.  This fee is meant to offset the costs associated with processing 60-100 applications and arranging interviews each year.
  • The University of Washington Graduate School application fee: The University of Washington Graduate School charges an $85 application submission fee.  This fee allows the UW Graduate School to maintain its school-wide online application portal and to provide customer service and troubleshooting services for all UW Graduate School applicants.

VII. Test Scores

  • The Advanced Dental Admission Test (ADAT): The ADAT is REQUIRED for graduates of U.S. and Canadian dental schools. The ADAT is NOT required for international applicants. Test scores must be available by June 15. Applicants should arrange to take the ADAT exam early in the year and designate the University of Washington Graduate Program in Endodontics as a program of choice.  To expedite the review process, applicants should email a screenshot of their ADAT scores to
  • National Board Dental Examination (INBDE, NBDE I and II, or NDEB): Applicants should have their official INBDE or NBDE I and II, or Canadian NDEB report emailed to or ask their dental school to report their scores with their Class Standing Form or Dean’s letter. A National Dental Board Examination is NOT an admissions requirement for International applicants.
  • Graduate Record Examination (GRE)GRE scores are required for International applicants.  The Institution Code is 4854. There is no minimum score required.  Graduates of Canadian or U.S. dental schools may submit GRE scores if desired, but they are only required to submit ADAT and INBDE/NBDE I&II/NDEB scores.
  • TOEFL: TOEFL scores are required for non-native English speakers who have not earned a graduate or undergraduate degree from an accredited U.S. or Canadian college or university.  The Institution Code is 4854. Non-native English speakers must receive a minimum score of 92 to be considered for admission into the Graduate Program of Endodontics.  This is a departmental requirement and there are no exceptions.

VIII. International Applicants:

  • International applicants are those who currently hold or expect temporary U.S. visas. U.S. permanent residents are not considered to be international applicants.
  • The Graduate School has different testing requirements for international applicants that are outlined above. These requirements include GRE scores (from graduates of dental schools not accredited by the ADA), TOEFL scores (from non-native English speakers), and a statement of financial ability. Please carefully review the information on their website.
  • Completion of the University of Washington Endodontic Graduate Program meets the educational requirements for dental licensure in Washington State. For information regarding licensure laws in other states, please visit the ADA’s website.

IX. Re-Applicants

  • Although the University of Washington Graduate School retains admissions files for one year, individuals who are re-applying to the Graduate Endodontics Program must submit a new application to the Graduate School online.
  • Re-applicants should upload updated application materials to their new application or email or mail new, revised items to the Graduate Endodontics Program to be added for them. Supplemental materials may include new letters of recommendation, an updated CV, a new personal statement, and an updated department application form.
  • Re-applicants who were dental students at the time of their first application should also send an updated, official dental school transcript showing all recent academic progress as well as an updated Class Standing form, Dean’s Letter and/or Institutional Evaluation.