Benefits and Responsibilities


  • Faculty Interactions: Discuss areas of common interest in education and research with Restorative Dentistry faculty.
  • University Library Privileges: Library privileges as provided according to library regulations and eligibility requirements. Access to databases on the Web may require a UW NetID (provided). Some services are not free, and Scholars will be responsible for these fees. Visiting Scholars are not entitled to some faculty-level research services, including preparation of bibliographies and memoranda.
  • Office Space: Office space may be available in Restorative Dentistry, generally on a shared-office basis.
    Computer Access: Computer access is available in offices and research laboratories and via the UW Wireless network. Visiting Scholars are provided with the information to establish a UW NetID for computing privileges such as e-mail and internet access. Scholars may be required to use their own computers. All computing activities must be conducted within guidelines of the Office of Compliance.
  • Didactic Courses: Visiting Scholars are encouraged to attend lecture courses in the Department or School, provided Course Directors agree.
  • Pre-clinical Courses: Visiting Scholars are encouraged to observe in pre-clinical courses that are offered by Restorative Dentistry, provided that the Course Directors agree. Scholars may be paired with instructors in the simulation laboratories to maximize their experience.
  • Observing Clinics: Visiting Scholars may be allowed to observe teaching activities in student clinics on a limited basis, subject to the discretion of the Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs, the Chair of Restorative Dentistry, and the Clinical Course Director. Scholars must be accompanied at all times by the host or other faculty and with clear ID and the proper clinical attire. Observation in graduate clinics may be possible at the discretion of the Graduate Program Director and Chair of Restorative Dentistry. Observation in Faculty Practice Clinics may be permitted on a limited basis at the discretion of the manager and the director of the Faculty Practice Clinics. Scholars must meet all federal and state compliance guidelines (training, immunizations, etc.) prior to observations in any clinic.
  • Research: All Visiting Scholars are encouraged to attend research seminars in the Department, School, and University. Observation in research labs is possible but requires permission from the coordinating faculty and compliance with all training requirements for laboratory participation. They should actively participate in research activities under the supervising faculty during their entire stay.
  • Other: Visiting Scholars may also be interested in participating in the Summer Institute in Clinical Dental Research. Participation is competitive and separate from this program. Attendance of any regional, national or international conferences are encouraged, but the Visiting Scholar will be responsible for all costs associated with such meetings (membership, registration, travel, etc.). In the case of research Scholars, the supervising faculty must endorse the absence from the lab.
  • Intellectual Copyright and Authorship: Visiting Scholars whose primary interest is research are encouraged to publish the results or apply for patents based on the research data obtained while in the program. All intellectual property must be managed in a manner consistent with theĀ UW Center for Commercialization . All publications must be approved by the host faculty and published according to prevailing ethical and professional standards.
  • UW Facilities: For a modest monthly fee, Scholars receive access to recreational and other facilities of the Associated Students of the University of Washington (contact the ASUW)
  • Bus Pass: Scholars are eligible for a University bus pass (U-Pass) at a nominal cost (contact Parking Services). This pass allows access to the extensive bus/train transportation system in the Seattle area.
  • Parking: Scholars are eligible for University campus parking for a fee (contact Parking Services).

Responsibilities and Limitations

  • Living Arrangements: Scholars are responsible for all housing, transportation, and personal costs while at the University of Washington. Scholars must make their own living and transportation arrangements. The host faculty may be able to guide the applicant to various resources. See the Visiting Faculty Housing Service for more information.
  • Employment: Scholars may not be employed while at the University.
  • Patient Treatment: Scholars may not participate in any clinical care while at the University.
  • Professional Behavior: Scholars are expected to conduct themselves within all standards of ethical and professional behavior while at the University.
  • Health Insurance: Scholars are expected to have health insurance coverage while they are at the University. Please see J-1 Visa Insurance Requirements for more information.

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