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Visiting Scholars Program

Programs & Fees

Programs A, B and C expose and engage Scholars in a wide range of courses in Restorative Dentistry and/or Graduate Prosthodontics. Scholars will attend seminars, lectures and observe in simulation labs and clinics.  All Scholars are also encouraged to participate in some limited research activities with their faculty mentor.

Program D is focused primarily (80% or more) in a research study with their faculty mentor and has limited exposure to the Restorative Dentistry pre-doctoral curriculum.

Program A
Pre-doctoral observations
(courses, lectures, simulation lab, and clinical observations) Research is encouraged
Program B
Program A (Pre-doctoral observations) and selected
Graduate Prosthodontics
courses and lectures
(No graduate clinical observations) Research is encouraged
Program C
Graduate Prosthodontics
Observational Program
(courses, lectures, clinical observations Research is encouraged
Program D
Approximately 80% or more will be spent on collaborative research with their faculty mentor. Pre-doctoral observation is limited to half to 1 day per week. Clinical observation is not allowed.
$1200/month $2200/month $2000/week
$9,000/three months
$16,000/six months

The Visiting Scholars program fee is $400-5,000/month (subject to change), depending on the type of program (listed above) desired.   The fee defrays the administrative and other costs of the Visiting Scholars Program to the Department and the School of Dentistry.  Before any scholarly activities can be formally started, the Visiting Scholar is expected to pay the fee for the entire anticipated length of stay within one week of arriving at the University.  Installment payment is allowed if the length of visit is more than 6 months. Prefer payment method is wire transfer or check.  Unfortunately, we cannot accept cash or credit card payment.

Fees are not refundable.   A non-refundable processing fee of $875 for the Visiting Scholar (subject to change) is required.  The processing fee covers cost for the J-1/DS2019 visa document through the UW International Scholar’s Office (ISO), criminal background check through A-Check America and associated miscellaneous expenses.   If the Visiting Scholar requires visa for J-2 dependent, an additional processing fee of $660 per family member is required.