UW School of Dentistry

Short Term Fellowships

Maximum of 15 days to minimum of 2 days of chair/bedside training and supervised delivery of care will allow trainees to obtain experience in treatment of various disabled populations. Part-time clinical participation also may be arranged. Trainees will rotate to institutions and clinics for persons with developmental disabilities, to rehabilitation centers and to geriatric long-term care facilities located at or near the U.W. In each situation the trainees and attending instructors will function as a team and work in close collaboration with other health care professionals in the planning and delivery of care. Training also will include the use of portable equipment in the treatment of homebound patients. For more information about how to register for a clinical training day please contact the DECOD office at 206.543.1546 or by email at decod@u.washington.edu.  There is a fee involved for clinical training.