Central to the program’s educational structure are our rather extensive Competency Statements. It is intended that by the end of the program, each resident will have the didactic training and clinical experiences necessary to achieve a level of Competency (or better) in each of the areas listed. Normally, this is not difficult given reasonable effort and dedication on the part of the resident. Note that while the list may seem daunting, it really is a good indicator of what our graduates are capable of. Please note that successful residents are awarded a Certificate of Completion. Residents who have difficulty meeting the competencies will be offered remediation to the fullest extent possible. If remediation proves impossible to bring the resident to a level of competency in all the areas listed, he/she will be given a Certificate of Participation instead of a Certificate of Completion.

Please take the time to view our full list of Competency Statements. We are proud of what our residents can do!

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