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The Graduate School of the University of Washington is administratively responsible for all graduate study. In addition to applying to the Graduate Endodontics Program, applicants must also submit a separate application to the UW Graduate School and must meet the requirements set forth by the Graduate School. You can find information on the Graduate School’s policies and procedures, along with a link to their on-line application form at this address: www.grad.washington.edu/admissions.

Currently, four students are accepted into the program each year. July 15 is the application deadline for admission into the program for the following academic year (in June).

There are no stipends available. Applicants must be prepared to meet all expenses, including tuition of $19,444 per academic year or $4,861 per quarter for Washington State residents. Non-resident tuition is $36,222 per academic year or $9,068 per quarter. The cost of a clinical photographic setup is about $1000. Additionally, a course fee of $500 is charged each quarter to cover the cost of clinical equipment, instruments, and supplies.

Application Procedure

All application materials must be submitted to the appropriate University of Washington offices before July 15 for consideration of admission into the class beginning the following June.

I. Application to the UW Graduate School

Apply on-line at www.grad.washington.edu/applForAdmiss.
The electronic application allows you to save your application data, retrieve the information, then complete and submit the application at your convenience. To use this form, you will be required to choose a login name and password. After you have submitted the application, you may return to the site in order to check the status of your application or update your address and email.

As part of this on-line application process, you will be instructed to upload your personal statement and curriculum vitae. You will also be asked to submit contact information for three professional references. Your designated reference sources (professors, colleagues, etc.) will be contacted via email and directed to a secure website where they may submit recommendations on your behalf. When checking the status of your application on-line, you will be permitted to see which recommendations have been sent.

II. Application to the Graduate Endodontics Program

Please download:

  • Class Standing of Applicants (PDF) – Please fill out the top portion of the first page, sign the authorization on the second page of this form and send it to the Dean or Academic Affairs Office of your dental school to be completed.
  • Departmental Application Form (PDF) – Please complete this supplemental application. You may either return the form to us with the admissions materials listed below OR you may upload the completed form to your online application to the University of Washington Graduate School.

Additional materials to be sent to the Graduate Endodontics Program

  • Graduate School Application – After completing the Graduate School’s on-line application, please print a copy to include with your admissions materials.
  • Official Transcripts -Sealed transcripts can be mailed with your application materials or directly from your school’s Registrar. Please send undergraduate and dental school transcripts. International applicants must send official transcripts to the Graduate School and the Graduate Endodontics Program. See “Notes for International Applicants” below.
  • Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores – GRE scores are not required from graduates of Canadian and U.S. dental schools but may be submitted, if you wish to do so.
  • National Dental Board Examination scores – Please send official scores (or ask your dental school to report your scores with your class standing). The National Dental Board Examination is not an admissions requirement for international applicants.

Notes for International Applicants:

International applicants are those who currently hold or expect temporary U.S. visas. U.S. permanent residents (i.e. Green Card holders or immigrants) are not considered international applicants. The Graduate School has additional requirements for international applicants. These requirements include GRE scores (from graduates of dental schools not accredited by the ADA), TOEFL scores (non-native English speakers only), an additional set of transcripts, and a statement of financial ability. Please carefully review the information on their website: www.grad.washington.edu/admissions/faq/international.shtml

Completion of the two-year UW Graduate Endodontics Program meets the educational requirements for dental licensure in Washington. For information regarding licensure laws in other states, please visit the ADA’s website.

Notes for Re-Applicants

The University of Washington retains admissions files for one year. Individuals who are re-applying to the Graduate Endodontics Program must submit a new application to the Graduate School on-line at: www.grad.washington.edu/applForAdmiss/.

Re-applicants are welcome to send additional admissions materials to the Graduate Endodontics Program to be added to your existing admissions file. Supplemental materials may include new letters of recommendation, an updated CV, and/or a new Statement of Intent.

If you were a junior dental student at the time of your first application to our program, please also send an official dental school transcript that shows your most recent academic progress.