UW School of Dentistry


Requirement: A minimum of two electives is required for graduation. Preferably, one elective is to be taken during the junior year, the other during senior year. SURF does count as an elective. Please see Dr. Wha-Sun Chung for details on this program. Grading: All elective courses are graded credit/no credit.

Scheduling: The flexibility of your clinical schedule is limited. If the elective you wish to take meets at the same time you are blocked into a clinic session, it is very possible that the elective may not be accommodated. Please contact Ms. Sandy Phillips if you plan on enrolling in a clinical elective, or an elective that might otherwise conflict with your clinical schedule.

Registration: Students are responsible for elective registration, though help is always available through Ms. Zene Tefera in D323. A late fee will be charged to students who change their registration after the first five days of the quarter. If a student would like to enroll in a closed elective, we ask that the student email their request directly to the course director, and cc Zene, and Sandy if the course is clinical (explanation above).

Description of electives: Students who wish to take an elective may read the elective course descriptions contained on this web site. In addition, Electives are listed on the back of third and fourth year required DDS schedules.

Electives consist of two basic types:

Closed: An elective course in which participants are selected by the department. As it states above, students must request these electives directly through the course director (or the contact listed for the given elective), and cc Zene & Sandy (if applicable) in their email request. Once Zene receives an okay from the professor, she will either email the student the sln needed for registering, or register the student herself.

Open: An elective course that is open to all students. Students register themselves for these electives (the sln’s are available on the back of student’s quarterly schedules). Registration for open electives operate on a first come, first serve basis.

Restorative electives: Restorative Dentistry registers authorized students for their closed electives. Students should contact Ms. Betty Low, or the professor of the course they’re interested in, if they would like to enroll in a course governed by Restorative Dentistry. Authorization for attendance at extramural electives: All students who wish to take a clinical elective that takes place away from School clinics or during clinic hours must have departmental authorization and be in good academic standing as defined by the Academic Regulation Manual. The Office of Student Life and Admissions along with The Office of Academic Affairs will monitor these authorizations. If a student receives a negative response from any department or is on Formal Warning or Academic Probation, participation in the elective must be postponed or cancelled.

For more information, please contact Ms. Zene Tefera.