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Clinic Policy Manual

Vendor Access to Students

Subject:  Vendor Access to University of Washington Dental Students
Effective Date:  August 1990
Revision Dates: April 2002, September 2016


To provide guidelines for access by outside persons or entities to dental students at the University of Washington school of Dentistry during normal business hours or during after-hour campus events.

General Policy

The University of Washington School of Dentistry prohibits the interference of instructional, research, or patient care functions of the School by commercial and non-commercial vendors and organizations. Access is granted on a conditional basis and may be revoked if activities are deemed disruptive or if products or services represented are deemed to be illegal or harmful.


I. Vendor Definition

A. Commercial Vendors

  1. Commercial companies or vendors and their sales representatives or agents (e.g. dental equipment manufacturers or suppliers, and insurance, banking and loan companies.)

B. Non-commercial Vendors and Organizations

  1. Branches of the military and their recruiters
  2. Public Health and other government offices and staff
  3. Professional associations (e.g. WSDA or ADA)
  4. UW registered student associations (e.g. ASDA, HSDA)
  5. Non-profit organizations seeking program enrollment (e.g. Great Shape! Inc./Jamaica)

II. Vendor Visits and Events

A. Educational Activities Provided by Vendors during Instructional or Clinic Hours

  1. Commercial and non-commercial vendors are not allowed in classrooms, laboratories, and clinics within either the Health Sciences Center or extramural instructional sites while students and faculty are engaged in educational and patient care activities without the prior invitation or sponsorship of a School of Dentistry faculty member or department.
  2. Coordination of educational activity by non-commercial vendors (e.g. ADA seminars) will be managed by either the Office of Student Services or the school department.

III. Additional Guidelines

A. Vendor Donations to the UW School of Dentistry

The UW School of Dentistry appreciates and welcomes vendor support to further the mission of the School. Vendors are encouraged to contact the UW SOD Office of Advancement about donations and gifts.  Any cash donations to the UW School of Dentistry must be deposited in a UW-approved gift account and reported to the Office of Advancement.

B. Endorsement of Vendor Products or Services

Students are limited in their ability to endorse vendor merchandise or services. “Do not endorse any product or service on behalf of UW School of Dentistry without prior review by the Office of Attorney General, UW Health Sciences Section.” (From the Integrity at Work Handbook)

IV. Revoking Vendor Access

The University reserves the right to deny access to any vendor whose activities would interfere with the education program or patient care, or whose products or services are deemed to be illegal or harmful to students.

Dean of UW SOD:

Joel Berg