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Clinic Policy Manual

Patient Scheduling

Subject: Patient Scheduling for Clinics, Operatory Assignments
and Advanced Treatment Planning Sessions

Effective Date: April 2015


To inform the Class of 2015, Class of 2016, staff and faculty of new clinical protocols effective April 20, 2015 which are consistent with the Department of Restorative Dentistry policy on mandatory clinic attendance currently in force.

General Policy

All students will be responsible for documenting patient appointment information into axiUm in a timely manner and for making themselves available for other clinical assignments if they do not have a patient scheduled.


A. Patient Scheduling

  • 48 Hour Scheduling Window. All students will have forty-eight hours (48) prior to their scheduled clinic slot to input their patient’s name into their axiUm schedule.
  • axiUm Notes & Confirmation.  Students will be required to post in axiUm patient contact notes detailing when the patients were contacted and the confirmed appointment date and time.
  • Blocking Appointments.  Students will no longer be allowed to input “Dentoform” or “place holder” patients into the axiUm schedule to block the appointment time.
    An exception would be for:

    1. Gold Foil
    2.  Tucker Elective courses

B. Operatory Assignments and Advanced Treatment Planning Sessions

  • 4th year students who do not have a confirmed patient posted in their appointment book will either:
    1. have their operatory either internally cancelled by the scheduler and reassigned to another 4th year student on the waitlist
    2. be assigned a patient for advanced treatment planning during their scheduled session that same day.
  • 4th year students will be able to take advantage of Volunteer Advanced Treatment Planning activities in the Dental Admissions Clinic (DAC) and can do so by contacting Shirley Sampson, in D-333 or via email:
  • RESD points will be awarded to students for the performance of Advanced Treatment Planning of patients.

Dean of UW School of Dentistry:

Joel Berg, Dean of the UW School of Dentistry

Date:   9-16-16