Inclement Weather

Subject:  Inclement Weather and Suspended Operations Policy
Effective Date:  December 2010
Revision Dates:  October 2011, November 2012, January 2015, December 2015


This policy defines the protocols for interruptions of operations during inclement weather, power or utility outages, fire, or for when the University declares suspended operations.

General Policy

It is each employee’s responsibility to know how to check on the operational status of the University. The University announces its operational status in a variety of ways including:

Patients will be notified of a change of operations via the SoD website, clinic voicemail messages, signage, and phone messages by staff when possible.


I. When are the Inclement Weather and Suspended Operations Policies in effect?

The School of Dentistry Inclement Weather Plan applies only during inclement weather when the University has NOT declared suspended operations. The School of Dentistry Suspended Operations Plan is in effect only when the University suspends operations as described in the UW Suspended Operations  Policy.

II. Inclement Weather Plan

During inclement weather all faculty, staff, and students are responsible for finding transportation to the School. Staff who cannot find a safe way to travel to work must notify their immediate supervisor that they will not be coming in, following standard operating procedures for their office or clinic. Staff who miss work due to inclement weather will be compensated according to the UW  Inclement Weather Policy.

Staff who are able to come to work may be reassigned to cover for those who did not. All staff should check in with their supervisor or department administrator who in turn will report clinic needs to the Office of Clinical Services (OCS) for possible reassignments. If the clinic supervisor or administrator is unavailable, clinic staff should report directly to the OCS. Clinic Supervisors who find themselves understaffed and would like to request help to cover their clinics may contact other supervisors or the OCS to see if they have staff available.

The Associate Dean for Clinic Services has the authority to cancel the predoctoral clinics, whereas the Program Directors of each graduate program will determine whether or not to cancel their respective clinics.  If canceled, it should be reported to OCS and the phone lines should be changed to indicate the closure. (See Appendix A for reporting protocol)

The Associate Dean for Clinical Services reserves the authority to reassign specialty clinic operations to the D wing based on staffing and patient census.

Departmental compensation will be determined for staff sharing based on the hours worked ‘out of department.’ Using the normal journal voucher form, departments will be compensated for staff time associated with reassignments. (See Appendix B)

III. Suspended Operations Plan

Definition of essential personnel

Two categories of personnel have been deemed as essential during suspended operations. Clinical personnel are those persons identified to come to School for purposes of treating patients who have urgent care needs. If operations are suspended on a payday, the Dean’s payroll coordinator will serve as essential personnel and distribute the pay checks for the entire school from the Office of the Dean, D322. If employees have difficulty entering the building, they can call the payroll coordinator at 206-685-8203. Checks will be available between 10 am and 2 pm.

Urgent Care Provision

The School will open the D4 Faculty Practice to provide urgent care during suspended operations. Two Dentists, 2 Dental Assistants/support staff and 2 Managers who can safely travel to the School will be designated as essential personnel, and will operate the clinic. These essential personnel should be verified by the Associate Dean of Clinic Services annually, in the fall, and have their Health Sciences IDs updated to reflect that they are essential personnel. Only staff designated as essential personnel are permitted to come to work during suspended operations. Essential personnel will be issued the appropriate keys to perform their suspended operations duties (e.g. clinic, sterilization, dispensary, etc.). (See Appendix C for protocol)

IV. Support Staff Functions

A. Notifying patients of suspended operations:

  1. The manager or administrator of each department will be responsible for canceling patients in their clinics OR for contacting the designated personnel for purposes of cancelling Staff can access the axiUm scheduler by remote access. Each administrator is responsible for designating the person in their department who will fulfill this function.
  2. Essential personnel will have access to view all department patient schedulers for purposes of accessing all patients’ The department administrator is responsible for updating their front desk phones to notify callers of the Suspended Operations and direct patients with urgent care needs to the Faculty Practice at 206-685- 8258.
  3. Essential personnel should post notices on closed clinics directing patients to Faculty Practice (with map) for urgent care Clinics should have signs ready and post them on the clinic door the day before closure is expected. If it the UW does not suspend operations, the sign can be removed in the morning (See Appendix D).

B. Notifying the Office of the President of suspended operations:

  1. The Dean’s office will inform the President’s office of any condition, as needed.

C. Registration & Records:

Registration will be done on paper forms (using our usual procedure for times when the network is down) for entry into axiUm when operations are reinstated. Temporary paper charts will be created for new patients and current  patients if necessary and subsequently entered into axiUm.

Payment will  be collected at the time of service and processed  by PAO staff when  normal operations  resume.


Appendix A, Reporting Protocol

Appendix B, JV/Budget Form

Appendix C, Suspended Operations Protocol

Appendix D, Maps/Sign for Inclement Weather/Suspended Operations

Dean of UW SOD:

Joel Berg, Dean of the School of Dentistry


Appendix A

Reporting Protocol

  • In the event of inclement weather staff, faculty, and students should verify the operational status of the School of Dentistry by checking the main UW website, by using the UW Alert System, or by calling 206-UWS-INFO (897-4636), toll-free 1-866-897-4636.
  • During Limited and Suspended operations all incidents and injuries related to weather should be reported to the Office of Clinical Services (OCS). Staff incidents should also be entered into an Occupational Accident Report via (OARS), Patient incidents must also be reported in a Patient Event Form on the SoD website under the Health & Safety tab.

Notification Protocol

  • Staff or Faculty arriving during limited/suspended operations should post notification of changes in operation (Appendix E) and check in with the Associate Dean of Clinical Services (206-543-5948 or 206-616-5931) to coordinate operations, patient care, and patient
  • Administrative staff in each department will update department voicemail notifying patients and staff of clinic
  • During limited operations all clinical areas should report to Office of the Dean operational status, patient, and staffing census.
  • Departments with additional staff may be asked to float staff to departments experiencing staffing issues.
  • The Director of IT will post the closure notice on the SoD website once the University has posted a notice of Suspended Operations.
  • The Dean’s Office will notify the President’s Office once aware of the need to suspend operations in

Essential Personnel during suspended operations

  • Essential personnel will report to the D4 Faculty Practice to assist with coordination of services during suspended operations. The Associate Dean of Clinical Services will triage In the Associate Dean’s absence the faculty and staff listed as “lead” in the essential personnel table in Appendix C will triage staff.
  • Personnel will conduct a survey of clinics within the school ensuring the appropriate signage is posted (Appendix D).
  • Personnel will assume the roles and responsibilities during suspended operations listed in (Appendix C).

Administrative Staff

  • Clinic Managers, supervisors, and leads designated within each department will remotely access axiUm to evaluate patients scheduled for
  • Management staff will begin canceling and rescheduling of patients following the departments’ scheduling protocols.
  • Management should communicate to essential personnel any patient who was not able to be contacted in the instance the patient arrives for scheduled visit.

Appendix B

Journal Voucher


Appendix C

Suspended Operations Protocol

In the event Operations are suspended by University of Washington Administration, the following protocol will be instituted to facilitate treatment of patients arriving at the School of Dentistry.

The School of Dentistry has identified essential personnel who will assist with operating the Urgent Care clinic located in D4 Faculty Practice.  Essential personnel are identified annually by the Office of Clinical Services (OCS). Personnel identified by OCS will update their UW ID badge to indicate essential personnel (“Green” Coding on badge).

These personnel have committed to coming to the School during suspended operations because they believe they can safely travel to the School and assist with suspended operations. (Personnel and roles listed below).

Essential personnel will be assigned operational and administrative duties to include but limited to:

  • Facilitating patient notification of suspended
  • Posting of signage throughout school indicating Suspended
  • Operation of Sterilization/Dispensary
  • Key
  • Patient

Essential personnel will have access to keys for all clinical areas within the school i.e. Sterilization, Dispensary and Patient Services for chart access. In addition to keys, delegated staff will have open access to all clinic axiUm Schedules for cancellation of appointments.

Current Essential Personnel/Roles and Responsibilities as of 12/9/15

Essential Personnel
Essential Personnel Role Responsibility Assigned Representative
DDS General Dentistry Mats Kronstrom, DDS
Dental Assistant Assist DDS in Faculty Practice Clinic Emergency Care Kazuko Motoe
Dental Assistant/ Sterilization/ Dispensary Operate dispensary and obtain needed items from Sterilization using protocol specific to emergency use during school closure. Rebecca Johnson
Kazuko Motoe
Front Desk/ Billing/ Registration/Mgmt. Oversight of on-site Suspended Operations Debbie Eanes (lead)
Christopher Carmen
Front Desk/ Registration/ Runner Facilitate patient check-in, registration, collection of funds, patient notification of appointment status Rebecca Johnson
Payroll Coordinator Distribute pay checks Christopher Deboli (lead)
Debbie Eanes

Appendix D
Suspended Operations poster